intersatial cystitus

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  1. sadgirl1950

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    any one who has ic i need help i just found out dont know what i can eat so not eating much i need someone to talk to am so devestated please help
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    I don't visit this message board too often (I usually visit the FM/CFIDS message board) and see that your post is over a month old. I also have Interstitial Cystitis (seems to occur quite often for those of us with FM). I saw a urologist over the summer and he gave me some samples of Prelief, which comes in powder and tablet form. You don't need a prescription for it. Not every drug store carries it. If not, you will need to have them order it for you.

    You can take this as often as you want. It has calcium in it-another benefit. You take it with your meals. I take it with every meal even if I don't think I've eaten or drank anything that will bother my I.C. I started out with two tablets for each meal, and now take four which seems to be the right number for me. It doesn't always totally take away the pain, but it has helped me quite a bit. I was losing a lot of sleep and now that has improved.

    Hope this helps you. Prelief also has a website which lists the offending foods. To find this website you just put in the name of the product and then do the .com. (you probably know we can't post websites here, but you should be able to find it).

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    I cannot help you with what to eat either but perhaps somone on the interstitial cystitis boards can. I take Elmeron 3 times a day and that has helped some. It is costly but works. It is an Rx.