interstitial cystitis

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  1. marymove

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    I have to have a cytoscope to help in diagnosing what they believe to be IC-I'm scared> What should I expect?
  2. zenouchy

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    Hi Mary,

    No worries my friend. It wasn't that bad at all. It was very similar to going to the gyno's office and having the yearly exam. They will fill your bladder up with water to see how much it can hold, so you will feel a lot of pressure in your bladder. Your doc will also touch you in a few places to see if it hurts, and most likely it won't because odds are, it's IC. It REALLY wasn't bad, and I'm such a baby about these things.

    Go in with a sense of humor (that's what I did), and you'll be fine. Even though I was nervous, the humor helps a lot. When my doc came in and asked how I was doing, I answered, "Great, I love a good cystoscopy!" He thought that was really funny because he probably never gets an answer like that. Think of your favorite joke or things that make you laugh because it will help loosen your muscles up for the exam. The exam took 10 minutes tops and goes by fast. No worries, you'll be fine!

    Warm hugs, Erika
  3. AquariusGirl

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    I took Healthy Harvest Freeze Dried Aloe and that helped the most. You can get it online. Also, cutting out sugar,coffee and other spicy things helped. Colloidal Silver helped and so did colonics and NAET Allergy.

    Hope this helps.

    PS. Your procedure should go ok.
  4. Kimba4318

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    HI friends - just wondering what IC is and what the sypmtoms are you are having?
  5. donnadb

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    I have had IC for 6 years. Just had my 3rd hydrodistention under general sedation on Friday, Oct. 20th.. This one seemed worse than the last 2. It's Tuesday and I still hurt! Usually, the diagnosis of IC is done during a cystoscopy with a biopsy (under general anesthesia.) The office procedure is usually a treatment and not a diagnostic procedure. Don't worry though, it will be fine. You may have cramps, similar to your menstrual cycle that last about a few days to a week after the procedure but it's really not too bad!
  6. ckball

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    I had one about six months ago. I took a valium and a percocet before I went, A freind took me. I have hard bladder from radiation therpay for cancer treatments 10 years ago.

    It was painful for me because my bladder does not strecth, he didn't even get half the bag in me and had to stop.

    Then they take a few minutes and look at all around the bladder. Then they release the fluid back into the bag.

    I had one because I kept having blood in my urine without any reason. They thiink it is the radation treatment. The lining is sensitive snd I can't dring cola products. Hurts to pee if I even drink 1 cola.

    Good luck with yours, I like the other post about makeing a funny joke-Carla
  7. zenouchy

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    You might check out for excellent info on IC and a good diet to follow. Basically, acidic foods will aggravate the condition (just as they do heartburn/acid reflux), and you would be surprised at what foods are acidic, such as chocolate for example. While the diet appears daunting at first (I was so annoyed when I first saw it), it is very unlikely that you will have to cut out all of the foods listed. It's trial and error.

    I don't use the supplements listed like the Aloe vera tabs or Prelief because they are amazingly expensive. My experience was that the Prelief is just like any antacid but just costs more. I have found that by changing my diet, my body feels so much better. I didn't have to make that many food changes.

    Everyone is different in what supplements and foods will help with their IC, so experimenting with what works for you is the name of the game. I was so down about my IC just a month ago, and now I feel so much better about because I found a way to control it. I'm sure you will too.

    Warm hugs, Erika

  8. marymove

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    Hey Erika,
    Thanks so much for you suggestions. At this point I just really want a diagnosis. I hurt so bad. Your idea of a sense of humor was just perfect. I am going to a woman urologist, so I am hoping for compassion(PLEASE).
    Thanks again-felt like a hug
  9. marymove

    marymove New Member

    Hey Carla,
    Thanks for info. Actually a Valium might do trick, since I am soooo stressing about whole appt. Thanks