Interview with Dr. Daniel Peterson

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    Copy this link into your browser and you will be able to watch Llewellyn King, interview Dr. Daniel Peterson discussing Ampligen, Rituximab, remission during pregnancy, and Simarron Research. Dr. Peterson strongly believes more treatments are on the horizon.

    If you have not seen the series of videos and interviews Lewellyn King has been doing for the ME/CFS community, you can find them on the side of the page as you watch this video.

    This man is doing wonderful things for patients. He has a friend who has the disease and they are working together to bring more awareness, compassion and money for research for the disease. Thank you Mr. King!
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    llewellyn king is a great advocate on our behalf

    just watched, it is a very good interview. dr peterson covers a lot. llewellyn king is very good too. White house chronicles articles by llewelly king are very good too

    misnamed middisagnosed and misunderstood by llewellyn king. almost a year old now but still good

    he is very happy to be contacted and very considerate.

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