Interview with Dr. Wahls ( "minding your mitochondria")her MS recovery

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  1. herbqueen

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    Dr. Wahls has written a book (minding your mitochondria) on her recovery from secondary progressive MS through intense nutrition and electrical stimulation-

    I bought the book- she's using the nutrition approach successfully with other chronic illnesses and brain injured patients of hers.

    Here is the link of an interview with her I copied from her facebook page-this approach to healing the body through intense nutrition and detox (she does alot of detox techniques)-maybe helpful for some- she also recommends this for fibromyalgia. Facinating and inspiring story-

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    I watched the entire interview, takes about 50 minutes. This is consistent with lots that I have read, both on this board, and in independent studying on how to regain my health/life. I've been on this board about 10 years I think, and those who have recovered have done it through STRICT adherence of a healthful diet, much like Dr. Wahl advocates. These posters are generally put through the ringer when trying to relay this information and promote this method of healing, really sad.

    I do believe this approach to healing is possible and wish I could get serious about giving it a try. I believe it was Hippocrates who said, "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." I do believe it.

    Here are a few more links if you'd like to read more about Dr. Wahls approach. One link allows for you to sign up for her newsletter.

    Thanks for posting this herbqueen.

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    Thanks Elliespad. I've not given up. I do think diet is a component to healing . I've tried many diets over the years in the beginning ( 13 years ago) the blood type diet cut my pain half (low carb for type O's). I also took moducare--got better-stayed on all organic diet/local/grass fed meats-spelt for breads, bone broths for soups etc etc. Thought I was doing Ok until 45 years with the optic neuritis attack with nerve damage-down hill since then with herbal lyme and and a few drugs sending me into horrific auto immune attacks with ms type symptoms remainin- long story. No MS diagnosis.

    Now i'm trying to do the wahl approach. I've not given up grains entirely-but only gf whole grains and trying to limit those. I need them to maintain my weight (now 113 lbs). Striving for her recommended 9 cups raw veggies/some frutis per day in salads and smoothies, juicing, a little bit of lean organic meat or fish (low sat fat only), some nuts, healthy oils (flax, hemp, olive). No eggs , dairy, gluten, sweetners, yeast .

    2 months into the diet and so far my skin is improved and hair stopped falling out. My massage therapist commented on how little hair I was losing- less nerve pain, a little bit more muscle strength-but more muscle pain. Not sure if the muscle pain is due to detox or not. It is high greens diet which is very detoxifing but also high in oxalates-

    Reading lots of good things about raw diets which is basically what she is doing.

    Dr wahls also suggests meditation, exercise, sauna and clay for detox, spirulina/chlorella/kelp for detox and iodine, good relationships--in short you need to do the whole enchilada to reverse serious illness.

    Her facebook page is also very active and a good way to follow what she is doing . She also posts great research articles that support her theories.

    Peace everyone.

    Giving it a go-not alot of other good options for me and I want to reverse this scary , progressive illness and get my life back.

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