Intolerance to medication???

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  1. mcmarsha

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    Anyone else have an intolerance to medication? I can't even handle estrogen, progesterone, or aspirin. They all cause me to be extremely anxious. What's up with that? I'm getting off the estrogen now to see how I fair.

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    MCS affects at least 55% of Fibro patients, and is thought to be caused by the imbalance in the immune system, causing the TH2 functions to be turned on all the time. That is the part of the immune system that handles chemicals, and it becomes overzealous, so that you react to things that would be harmless to others.
    Your best bet is to avoid as many chemicals as you can, as lowering your exposure in one area will help in others. For example, white vinegar and water makes a great household cleaner and will lower your exposure to chemicals there. Getting rid of carpets, buying clothing at outlet stores, and buying second-hand furniture that has already outgassed the chemicals in the glue are other things that help with this. You can even wear a gas mask when cleaning to help with this.
    The more exposure you have, the worse the problem gets. Do you remember that character on the show "Northern Exposure" who had to live in a hermetically sealed home? That does happen with MCS. there are whole communities out in the north Arizona dessert of folks who've had to leave society behind because they could not tolerate the chemicals.
    You can also have paradoxical reactions to drugs, ie. the drug has exactly the opposite effect of what it is supposed to. This is something to tell your doctor about, so he/she can try to avoid this in future.
    Once you have MCS, preventing it from getting worse is the best thing you can do. I got Fibro a long time ago before this was known, and by the time I found out, I was already allergic to all antibiotics but one, and that one does not work on some things, so I am up the creek without a paddle. If you rigorously root out unnecessary chemicals in your life now, and take as few drugs as possible, you may prevent yourself from ending up like me.
    For example, I just had to buy a new bed, but it has to sit out in our dirty, un airconditioned workshop for at least a month with the protective wrapper off, in order to outgas formaldehyde. If I bring it in before that, I will go into shock. Even a new shower curtain has to be hung outside for at least 3 days before I bring it inside.
    Do a websearch on MCS and see if you can get any ideas to help you out.
    With empathy,
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    I have this and I am currently on a histamine-free and low salicylate diet which allows no preservatives or chemicals. I am concerned about my laundry detergent and I wondered what you use. Do you use cosmetics, lotions, creams, antiperspirants, etc.?? If so, would you mind posting a new thread about it so that I'll know? I am just starting this and I'm having a lot of trouble finding anything in my little town that I can use. I had to stop all of my herbs and supplements because we don't know what all I'm sensitive to. I don't know what to do about my routine meds!!!!!
    Thank you!

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    I don't feel so alone now...hanging the new shower curtain outside to air out. Hubby just thinks I'm a little strange.

    I've always had problems with medications. I can't wear perfume, can't stand to be around those that do. Smoke also makes me sick. When my son was a baby, I found that although the baby detergents where mild, they were heavily scented, and triggered my asthma. Detergent is a problem, I've found one that I myself can tolerate (Ajax liquid). Liquid fabric softner is a no-no, and some dryer sheets are also a problem. Cream was another issue, hives, itching, etc. I seem to be okay with Aveeno baby lotion. Gerber has a lavender scented (mild) baby wash that I could also enjoy without a problem. Haven't used hair spray in ages, couldn't tolerate the scent.

    I try to buy unscented everything, I do alot of cleaning with baking soda, vinager, and lemon juice also. I can also tolerate Simple Green cleaner (which is great cause it cleans everthing) as long as I have some air flow in the room. Dish liquid is usually Ajax or Ivory, the others make my hands break out. It's almost an experimental process to find what works for you.
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    Join the chemical sensitivity group! I am just like what Klutzo described, down to letting the new shower curtain outside for a week, this goes for magazines, catalogs, and some new clothes that can't be washed. I hate those companies that insert samples of perfume/creams in their magazines.
    I rarely buy new furniture, better to get it used after all the odors are gone.

    I can't go into newly built home or building either.

    I can't handle any home deodorizers, scented candles, etc.

    I did better with the new bedding, the bedroom is upstairs, so I just stayed downstairs for two weeks with the attic fan on pulling through the bedroom only. What a mess we are.

    Did the same with new draperies.

    I need new floor covering in the library and den, and for the life of me I can't think of anything that won't kill me.

    Any ideas anyone? Would appreciate getting rid of the carpet, but what can I replace it with that won't kill me?

    I also use vinegar, peroxide, baking soda and a very small amount of bleach to clean the house with.
    My furniture needs a good polishing, but there is no way I can handle any of the furniture polishes/waxes on the market.

    As for clothes, I use the odorless Tide, and open the window over the washing machine. I can also use Woolite, for some reason it does not bother me, and Palmolive liquid (the old kind) for dishes and the dishwasher.

    There is a natural deodorant called; 'Crystal' it comes in a Roll On and a solid. Its aluminum Chlorohydrate free, and it lasts forever!

    As for makeup and creams, I can use the Adrianne Arpel, Marilyn Miglin, or Clinique line of cosmetics. So far they don't bother me.

    Perfume, Channel #5 or Oscar de la Renta only! any of the others and I am one sick puppy. I can't use them close to my face though.

    Medications, forget it! I can name on one hand what I can use. I can't even take Benadryl, it is just like taking 'speed', I am flying instead of feeling sleepy.

    There is only one antibiotic that I can take, and I can't think of the name of it right now. From what I have read there is no help for chemical sensitivities, other than to avoid what you can.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Kady - I hope you don't mind if I adress your questions here since they may help someone else reading this, and it does relate to MCS. I use Wisk Free or All Free and Clear detergent with no problem, but if I have to use bleach, I must run the bleached items through 2-3 more loads of water to get all the bleach out before I dry them or it will burn my skin. I try to avoid buying white items for that reason. I am on Guai, so I avoid most cosmetics, but as far as MCS is concerned, I have found that the trick for me is just to let any new makeup sit for 3 months until the preservatives run out. Then I can handle it OK. I also take a benadryl capsule before putting on any makeup. My only problem with makeup is the formaldehyde used to preserve it. For skin lotion I use Eucerin cream. I have not had trouble with lotions, except for the alpha-hydroxy ones,which burn me. Have you tried ordering beauty products from an online drugstore if you can't get them locally? They'll come right to your house and are sometimes cheaper too. I use drugstore with a dot com to buy all my meds, and I know they have all that other stuf as well. Hope this helps a bit.

    Notonline - Simple Green makes me cough uncontrollably. Just shows we are all different. I use vinegar water, and Sun & Earth natural all purpose cleaner. Future floor wax does not bother me.

    Shirl - You sound just as bad as me! I am so sorry. I had to buy a new bed, because the last used one I bought wore out in only 6 yrs. People don't sell beds until they are worn out. I expect the bed will have to sit in my hubby's workshop for at least a month with fans running on it. About your floor....we replaced all our carpet with vinyl tile that looks just like real wood parquet, and it does not bother me at all, but we are all different. I even laid the floor myself. It took me 3 weeks and I got a case of "housemaid's knee" from it (bursitis). I can clean my wood furniture with Murphy's oil soap without any trouble, but Furn. Polish outgasses for thriy years so I'd never use it!

  7. Shirl

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    Will get the Murphy oil soap, my furniture thanks you :)!

    We were thinking about the vinyl tile, but I didn't know if it would give me a problem. We were in Home Depot before Richard left, and you would have laughed at me, I am going around all the flooring samples 'smelling' them!

    Well, I realized that the samples have been out for a longtime and the odor would be gone. But was concerned if the new tiles would be a problem. I might just buy a box of them and do the bathroom and see what happens, I can close that door if its a problem.

    You are brave doing the floor yourself, there is no way my back would allow me to do that Klutzo. I would be in bed for a month.

    Richard will do the floors, he would do anything to get these carpets up. He keeps telling me that carpet is the worst thing for me. I know he's right, but what can you do when everything makes you sick??

    I did not buy a new bed, I bought a new mattress and spring. My bed is an old iron bed that I found in a Thrift Store 30 years ago! Its so old, but I love it. Its strong enough to handle Richards 240 lbs without squeaking or falling apart. I think its about 80 years old or older.
    It was the spring and mattress that I was airing out. Its a double, but it is so high off the floor that I need to use Queen size flat sheets and spreads on it.

    Thank you lady, I wish I had a quarter of your knowledge! I know a lot of things, but not medical. I think it always kind of scared me. I am a big reader, but not medical books.

    Shalom, Shirl

  8. layinglow

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    I always gain new things from reading your posts!

    I had never heard that pardoxical reaction to meds, are symptomatic of MCS.....

    Well hells bells, lol...that explains alot!

    Thanks girl!

    I just finished with a horrendous reaction the beginning of the month--had to quite all supps,vitamins, and meds that I could cold turkey. I was literally beat red, raised....looked as if my body had been dipped in scalding water, or I was a nuclear victim. Geez I burned! Really hurt! Was from breast and back, stomach, groin, perineum, buttocks,and down my legs. Try as I might I haven't found the culprit as of yet. Reintroducing slowly.
    One of those cases where the cure may kill ya? huh?
    Have a good nite ladies.

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