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    Does anyone else find themselves suffering in this way,Feel grouchy and down,snap at my loved ones. Ifeel desolated when i see the hurt my grouchiness causes,struggle to overcome but it's hard when i'm so damned tired all the time. it's not every day but enough to make me mad at myself every time it happens.IT'S JUST NOT ME !!!
    It would help if i got more than three hours sleep a night,My family don't complain but then family don't do they?.Sorry guys just having an unusual BLUE day,heeellp.

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    Please know that you're not alone. When I was growing up, I thought my mom was the biggest bitch on the block. She would come home from work and the night would be hell. She would snap at us for really no reason at all. Now that I'm older and have the same pain and fatigue as her, I realize why she was like that. She has FMS and DJD, had to have a hip replaced. I'm sitting here crying for her and me, because neither one of us wanted to be like that. I snap at my wonderful husband, who's never had a bad word to say to me. I bark at my baby when he's doing stuff that normal 2 yr.olds do. I feel so bad, but I'm in so much pain, that I can't help it. I don't feel any better even when I apologize. I'm having an especially painful and blue morning also, so you're not alone!!

    Take care, Debbie
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    I figure I'm grouchy because:
    - I'm sensitive to noise
    - my brain is fuzzy
    - I'm physically and mentally tired all the time. (When we're tired we're not as able to control our reactions.)
    - a symptom of this illness is irritability

    I'm especially irritable if I'm trying to think or follow a conversation and someone is constantly interrupting (a cat, in my case).

    Plus, I figure our brain chemicals are out of whack because of this illness.

    My mom was extremely disapproving when I yelled at my cat once when she and I were trying to talk. She even got up to leave! I later realized that after I got sober and before I got sick I never yelled at my cats. So it's due to the illness. I try not to yell at them, but I'm definitely not always successful.