Intrathecal Pain Pump for Fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tgrace, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. tgrace

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    Has anyone had (or know anyone who has had)an intrathecal pump implanted for relief from fibromyalgia pain? If so, was the intrathecal morphine helpful in relieving the pain? Substance P (a neurotransmitter made of 11 amino acids) is elevated threefold in the spinal fluid of patients with fibromyalgia and increases the perception of pain. Morphine (or other opioids) inhibit the release of substance P, thereby decreasing levels and decreasing the amount of pain that is perceived/felt. With this information it would seem only logical to conclude that morphine would be a good choice to treat fibromyalgia pain. The intrathecal delivery route decreases the amount of morphine that is needed to achieve the same pain relief as higher doses of oral medication, and the smaller doses cut down on the side effects that are experienced. Not to mention the fact that you don't have to remember to take pills (since many of us already have to remember too many of those). Thanks
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    i asked a few years back for one but the Dr said no-

    i dont know anyone who has one-

    jerry lewis has a new life with his!

    i think my dr said the cost was a factor but the big reason was???? i forgot! fibro fog!!!

    i guess you can get it if you wanted to- cash talks!

    i think i will ask again.

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    Is this the same type of pain pump that Jerry Lewis had implanted for his pain control?