Intro and seeking advise from other women re: infertility/preg

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    I'm 34 and have had CFS since 1990. However, after the onset and the first year I had a few "good" years without too much fatigue and had mostly other more manageable symptoms mostly like nightsweats, migraines, sore throats, muscle soreness and some alcohol intolerance.

    In 1995 I got pregnant and even those symptoms vanished for the entire pregnancy and for the most part until my child was 18 months or so - CFS seemed like a distant nightmare.

    I would say that sometime after the birth of my child, my monthly cycles got slighly longer than before, maybe 32-33 days instead of 28/29.

    Then, in 1999, I had two miscarriages, six months apart, and after each miscarriage symptoms got increasingly worse with new ones developing more neuro/CNS stuff which I hadn't had before and my fatigue levels were as when I first had the onset of CFS in 1990 - very bad with really bad exercise intolerance, meaning I pretty much got dressed and that was it for the day perhaps. I've improved since then but am not back to pre-or post-pregnancy health (after successfull pregnancy I am talking about).

    Although, having been quite "well" for a few years I "forgot that I had CFS" and spent a year or two "panicking" wondering what on earth was wrong with me when these new symptoms started cropping up one after another, running to doctors, being told it was all in my head (I'm sure you're all familiar with that scenario)......Finally, in early 2001 I was re-diagnosed with CFS and "secondary FMS". Since then it has taken me longer to "recover" than from any episode/relapse ever before and I have never quite bounced back since then. Although, I am much better due to progressive homeopathy treatment I've been undergoing since April - I'd say I have 75% good days and 25% bad days now so I can't complain too much. On my good days I am "nearly" a normal person as long as I don't exercise more than normal walking and light housework. If I overdo it, I never know if I will floor myself again, get fevers, dizziness, blurred vision, etc.

    (I apologize for the length of this, but finding it hard to organize my thoughts in order to shorten it)....

    Anyway, since my miscarriages, I have not used any birthcontrol and still have not gotten pregnant. I haven't specifically been trying and I haven't NOT been trying. Just going with the flow.

    I did find out last year that I also have a mild case of Polycystic ovaries (PCOS)........and when they said mild I got the impression it was really no big deal.

    Now, yesterday I went for annual smear test and the doctor said "it is unlikely you will conceive without help of a drug such as Clomid" and "you need to decide soon because of your age"......


    Are there any women with similar backgrounds/stories/problems here?
    Did Clomid work?
    Did it have bad side-effects and did it worsen your CFS at all?
    If you had a successful first pregnancy/previous pregnancy and felt well after giving birth, was it different the second time around? Or did you relapse right away and end up worse than even before getting pregnant?

    I know, noone has a crystal ball, but I am so scared that even if I go through with Clomid and manage to get pregnant and STAY pregnant - will my CFS be worse this second time around after having a baby? Is there a "general rule" for second babies with CFS? Can you get lucky symptoms-wise twice?

    I just don't know what to do.......perhaps I have to just forget it all and be happy with the child I have and not be "greedy"...........perhaps thank my lucky stars I'm as functional as I am and not "rock the boat".......but, it's hard to "settle for less" just because one has a chornic illness - we still feel the same as healthy people emotionally (well I do). I also have mild diabetes with the PCOS and the CFS and I feel between all these things my life choices have been narrowed significantly and it's hard to deal with anything new like considering permanent 34.

    All this is also more pressing for me as if I should manage to get pregnant and deliver a baby, I have noone around to help 24/7. My husband works away (about 6 months a year) and he couldn't just stop working as he's self-employed. The time he works is random (whenever "they" want him on a job) so it's not even like it can be planned. I would have to pretty much depend on myself with perhaps occasional help from a friend.

    Can anyone share similar experiences/dilemmas?

    By the way, nice to be here.

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    Apart from the CFIDS - You are a candidate for other Autoimmune processes.

    Has your doctor evaluated you for the possibility of a Thyroid dysfunction?

    Infertility is a well documented symptom of thyroid disease. If he has performed the usual thyroid panel (TSH, T3, T4, etc.) ask him to consider a Thyroid Antibody test to rule out autoimmune thyroid disease. These tests are rarely used, due to expense (probably because of insurance), but I understand it is more sensitive.

    There is also a GYN-related condition called Autoimmune Oophoritis.

    You can do an internet search to read more about these.
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    Hi Aimee!

    I am 29 years old and have had FMS as long as I can remember. I have been diagnosed for 2 years. For the past 14 months my husband and I have been trying to conceive our first child. My reproductive endocrinologist tells me that I have PCOS and has put me on Glucophage for related insulin resistance. I previously tried three rounds of Clomid and did not ovulate at all. I did not have a lot of side effects other than general moodiness. I go back to the doc after two months on thhe Glucophage to see if I am ovulating on my own and if not, then I will try Clomid again and see if I respond. I'll let you know. I hope this helps. I am interested in hearing from other people with FMS and PCOS.
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    HI, I have just recently been dx'ed with FM, but have had many syptoms for so many years it is hard to say when it really started!! I think in my teens, but it was not until recently that it got so bad I just couldn't take the pain and exhausten again!!

    I suffered infertility for many years. I do not have PCO, but unexplained and male factor.

    I tried clomid a few times, but just didn't work. I did ovulate but due to dh's combined problem did not get preg. I had to use injectables plus the clomid. I now have a daughter who will be 3yrs in a week.

    I did find pregnancy hard, but I had other problems besides the FM.

    Clomid is a great drug and does help many women. I did ovulate well on it. The only real side effect is the mood swings and some hot flashes.

    If you are interested there is a great site on IF that I have been going to for many years. The women there are a wealth of information!! The sight is called

    Hope this helps some. I could go on and on about my infetility as I struggle with it for over 7 yrs.