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    Hi, Jelly and all

    I'm a Fibro Mom to a 23 year old son. He has never been able to work and has been deteriorating recently. I had read your messages about your San Diego area doctor and the Heperin nasal spray. I was able to find someone's email and asked them to ask you for his name and phone, which I received.
    How are you progressing? We see this doctor on Mon. Jan 20. Any tips or suggestions in preparation for this visit?

    We are in the process of applying for SSI for him. They have scheduled him for a couple of exams next week. We have no insurance and his supplements & medical are draining us, so any help would be a blessing.

    I really enjoy reading the posts on this board and learning so much.

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    ```I have FM, I am not a FM mom...But I'd suggest- learn all you can! Educate yourself here, by personal testimonies; books have come out with excellent reading on FM/CMPS; and the Internet is a great source of learning. I'm sure Jelly will answer you soon- I just wanted to give you some encouragment! Again, Welcome! Fibromiester
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    Thank you, thank you for your reply. Yes, I take my son to Dr L on MOn. the 20th. Your response was so encouraging to us.
    The compressed oxygen you are on. Is that just oxygen that you breathe? Have you or anyone ever tried a Hyperbaric Chamber or Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation? for years, my son has insisted that, intuitively, he feels this would help him.