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    Hi, I'm new here. I've never been officially diagnosed with CF or FM, but I'm going on about ten years now of debilitating fatigue (especially mornings) and Depression. A few years ago I started becoming allergic to every food I ate, my blood tests started looking crazy, my digestive system became erratically troublesome, and most of the time I can't feel my arms and hands anymore. I was intolerant to armour thyroid (jittery, hair falling out), so my doctor did an ACTH challenge test. I felt fantastic on cortef for the first week, then it started making me extremely Depressed. Now I'm clinically Depressed, depressed that I don't think I can continue the Cortef, tired of having numb arms and giving myself B12 injections... what kind of doctors have helped you? Mine has good info, but is not good to talk to. I'm wondering about finding more help elsewhere.
    Thanks for any support and info. from any stories that are similar.
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    I'm glad you have found this board and hope that you find the information and support you need. You have a lot of issues complicated by your depression. You cetainly need a sympathetic Doctor to sort these out.

    There are many kinds of Doctors that people on this board see. You might try the Doctor Referral at the top of the page. Also you can search posts at the top left of the page. There is lots of good information about the Fibro and Fatigue Centers.

    Good Luck
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    Welcome to the board, I'm sorry you have all those ailments.

    I have some numbness and tingling, fibro, ibs, allergies, sleep apna, TMJ, GERD, degenerative discs and facets, arthritis. I take meds for depression but am not clinically depressed right now. I have just started the B12 injections, did they help you?
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    I go to an FFC doctor in Torrence, CA. A lot of people on this board go to an FFC. There are about 10 of them around the country and they have an outpatient program, where your first visit is in person and subsequent are on the phone. That way you don't have the exausting travel to contend with. It's been working extremely well for me, but I know some don't have the same success as I've been having.