Introducing Myself and My Story

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    Dear Friends'
    I'm so glad I found you good people. Its really good for me to be able to vent when i need to and also to read about everyones situation. I came to Arnold Md, 5 years ago to help my aunts. Both were in the hospital and my Aunt Loretta has 2 girls with mental retardation. There ages are 55 and 47. I am 56. We were to stay for about 3 weeks. Well, we haven't been home. We didnot live too very far, Just a few countys away, but it was our home. My Aunt, The mother of the girls died after caring for her for 6 months or so and the other aunt is also living with us and is very ill. She is Aunt Ceil and is 83 yrs old. We had to make this our home in order to care for the 2 girls and the sick aunt. So here we are 5 years later still here and still caring for these dear folks. I have fibromyalgia and many other problems and this was getting very hard for me to do alone. My dear hubby helps as much as possible but he works. Well Thank God this is a big ole house because my dear daughter and son-in-law moved in about 9 months ago to help. My daughter and i do get tired especially my daughter Mary. She is now doing the most of it because i'm having a bad episode of Fibro. But i keep on trucking, Thank God for my children. I have also taken care of my mother and father-in-law until they died. So friends you will be seeing me posted from time to time. God bless all of you. DeeDee or Chubs