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    Hi,I am new to this board.I am a nurse disbaled with fibromyalgia.I have recently made and been using these moist heat pads that are so comforting,and really helps some to sooth the aches and pains of my fm.They are made with a corn product(that does not pop).they will stay warm for about an hour or more.You just heat in microwave for 2 min.Some have made them with rice can be a fire hazard and dont stay warm as long as the corn.My kids have used them as bed warmers.You can also freeze them to use as ice packs.I made them about 7x18 with handles on the ends.this size drapes so well around neck and shoulders.I also use them on my sore hips.They are easy to make.Hope if you guys try to make them, you also find some relief.I have been suffering with this since 95.
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    Welcome and thanks for the tip but you left out some basic information on the "how to make them" and exactly what you are filling them with. Those of us who have no income are always looking for low cost self help.
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    I got mine at a craft fair.They're just like the rice socks but I guess theres something else in there???I don't know what the heck it is, but it feels bigger than a rice grain.They sell for around $5-7. I love mine!!I plan on getting more the next time I see them.
    So what is this corn product?
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    We have a similar product in the UK except is is filled with wheat and lavender. Like the corn bags you heat them in a microwave and they give off a gentle heat (and aromatherapy benefits) for several hours, or you can freeze them and use as a cold pack... I gave one to my daughter for xmas as she had pulled a muscle in her back at work. She says they are marvellous... must get one for myself.. I cant remember the name of the company that makes them but as soon as i am able to make a trip into town i will get the name of the company and let you know ..
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    By no means do I have a cure, but I have experienced some good days here lately and you know how nice it is to grasp the few good days that on occasion we get. Again, let me say that I don't think it is a cure, but I have noticed that I am able to actually enjoy a day at work where I normally can barely make it thru. I now look forward to the days. My joint pain has decreased quite noticeably. So I am going to take what I can get! I have been using a combination of drugs and supplements. First Remeron and zoloft for depression and mood. I also take as needed Ultram. And at nite zanaflex for sleep. Every nite before bed I take a plethora of vitamins including a potassium supllement, extra vit B, a citrimax fat burner, and a supplement called Ultimate Immunity which is for the whole system-Cellular, circulatory, digestive, etc. Now I am not plugging any one brand or anything. This was something my mom found and bought for me. I have no idea where she got it or how much it was. And I am sure has something like this available. But I must say that I have felt a little more normal since starting all this. Oh I have had some bad days, but there has been times when I felt actually GOOD! Oh I also was turned on to a product called Salonpas which is a menthol over the counter pain patch. Works a lot like the icy hot and benegay except this lasts for about 5-6 hours!
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    I bourght one in the
    I purchased a heat pad over here in the uk about 2yrs ago and found it brilliant.When i came over to Florida for a holiday last oct 2001 we went shopping in the florida mall and there was a stall in the middle of the mall selling different ones for your knee,shoulders,hips all different shaped ones, I purchased one for my neck it is brill.My one is filled with peppermint,spearmint,rosemary,white willow,lavender,lemon grass and cinnamon..It might be worth asking for a brochure about them.I am going to Florida next oct and hopefully they will still be at the florida mall where i for one will buy another for my shoulders.Regards Sharon

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    I make mine with field corn.I make my bags in different sizes,some with handles on the ends for positioning,Also washable flannel liners.
    Depending on size etc,they will stay warm about an hour or longer.I made some for arthritis sufferers.They can also be frozen to use as ice packs.They are very easy to make if you can so.I have thought about listing them on ebay.I have seen rice ones but they dont stay warm as long, and can be a fire hazard.If you have any more questions email
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    At our local Walgreens, they go on sale 2 for 10.00 $$

    I use mine alot
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    Hi Tammy, welcome to our world. I used the rice socks, no problem with them catching on fire either!

    I use a man's tube sock, fill it three quarters full of rice, and keep some in the freezer, and others out for heat.

    In fact, my huband used 4" PVC pipe, the right size for the sock to be folded over to fill them, its 31" inches high with a base on it so it will stay in place while I pour the rice in it. He make a shorter one to put on a table to fill 4" wide mouth with a 20" stand.

    It makes the filling so much easier. You can also add a sock over the original to wash and replace instead of refilling the whole thing to clean the sock. I also have the 'handles' on the ends with the large socks.

    You can also use corn, buckwheat, or flaxseed too. I prefer the rice, and also French Bayleaf for a sweet odor that does not bother my sinus.

    I did see the ones in Walgreens, but its a lot cheaper to make your own!

    I also use mine for a neckroll, it works better than the neck pillows for me.

    Here is another great item for the pain, get a 'wireless heating mattress pad', it is the greatest for pain and morning stiffness. Can be bought at Sear's, Penny's and Speigle's.

    Again, welcome to the board, and hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    I am sorry if I didnt make myself clear and offended anyone.I was not trying to make a sale, just offered to help if others werent feeling crafty.And there definitly HAS been reports of fire with rice, so please be careful.i belong to another fm forum and there has been a few ladies on there with reports of the same.Below you will find a link to site that has some instructions ,plus more importantly,this lady seems to be a professional also that did a lot of research on the different fillers in order to gain approval for use in her medical center.I hope you find this info useful.I had to do a search to find it again,thats why I didnt give it initially.
    from here go to "projects" then the corn bags
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    hiya i found they help a bit, what i did spot on a website is ones that are very long with velcro on so you can wrap them around your tum/back and fasten them and walk, ok so you might look a little bit like the michlin man but if they help :D :D