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    Hi All:

    I read your notes and it called to me by name! In answer to your questions, yes I too have had visual problems that seemed to come on fast and as for weight gain, lets just say oink oink and leave it at that. At this point in time, my doctor doesnt know for what exactly I have. I am ANA positive, but the panel tests are negative for Lupus. However, I have most every symptom of lupus as well as fibro and in the meantime he is treating me symptomatically until I can get in to see a rheumatologist for which the earliest appt is Oct 3rd. I hate always being tired and hurting and the worse of all is the brain fog. I actually cant remember a time when I felt this bad or when I felt "normal". In the past, for many years, the symptoms used to come and go and when they were gone, I was just so thankful that I didnt look into it. But the past 7 mos or so have been awful and have not gotten better. I used to chalk it up to my long work hours + full time college. But when I lost my job with WorldCom and still didnt feel better I got concerned.

    I am a 49 yr old single mom and have a 21 yr old son who is wheelchair dependent and has multiple health concerns that all stem from recurring brain tumors. My ex husband apparently felt that a chronically ill son and mid life crisis was more than he signed up for and he bailed 4 yrs ago. It seems that shortly after that the bad patches, as I used to call the flareups, were worse and lasted longer until this last one which is kicking my butt! Ironically, it was my bouts with fatigue and inability to be as active as I was that he used as an excuse for the breakup...all I could say was I'm sorry because I felt guilty and responsible for being "a loser" as he called me. Now I know better!
    What made me get to the doctor was when I was not able to open my bathroom door, I needed two hand to lift a half empty quart of milk and had trouble putting my automatic transmission car from park into drive! I have too many responsibilities to be hindered by this, but here I am. I am still in school full time and so far I have managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA every semester - but at this point my "fibro fog" is threatening that too. This is something I cant let happen since I am the only means of support for me and my son Daniel. I need to get my RN and get to work.

    There are days when I feel as if my legs are made of lead and even a gentle hug hurts no matter where I am touched. I dont have to tell you what its like when I have to lift my son's wheelchair into my car! The insurance wont pay for even a small lift...grrr. But the one thing that is a relief is to know that there are people who understand that these diseases are not malingering on our part. That alone is a great relief but I sure wish I could find a doctor experienced with this. The nearest support group is about an hour away which will make it very hard for me to get there because sitting that long and driving for more than about 15 min hurts my arms.

    Sorry for the long note. This is also my "introduction" note. I am looking forward to hearing how some of you get along.


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    Hi Phoenix, welcome to our world. So sorry to hear you are having such a hard time.

    Many of us can relate to what you have describled, including bailing husbands too.

    Fortunately I have one that is a good guy and does help me as much as humanly possible, but there are others who can't handle the illnesses or what goes with them.

    I am sure you will find a lot of help, as well as advice and support on this board. We have a great group of knowledgeable people as members.

    Again, welcome to the board, and hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS, Please read the board rules on the link on the right side at the of this page, printed in blue; 'Messageboard Rules', it will help with navagating as well as the do's and don't that are allowed and not allowed here.
    Thank you.
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    Welcome to the Board. We're almost the same age - I'm 52 (a few years difference). I was diagnosed about 5 years ago or so. You'll get a lot of good information on this Board. A lot of us seek alternative treatments as conventional medicine alone cannot handle all of our problems. And ask any questions you feel you need to - someone will always be able to help you! Glad to meet you.....