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    Hey Guys my name is feski.I am a new user on this forum.I visited in this forum through the chain of Google.I am living in Australia.I am also very conscious about my health because its my personal thinking that health is wealth.Can any one tell me that what are the health benefits of drinking black tea?

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    personally I don't know benefits of black tea, I don't drink it, I have read many times that tea is high in fluoride. Which is a bad toxin for our bodies...

    And I know much of Australia is fluoridated and also know some areas are removing and rejecting fluoridation.

    I'll go on spurts and drink green but mostly for me it's two cups of organic french roast for my picker upper...
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    I don't drink coffee at all because I don't like it. I'm a tea drinker. Below is an article from Livestrong about black tea benefits.