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    Hello, y'all. My name is Sarah, and I'm a newbie to this site. I have been diagnosed with FMS for about 6 years now but have been on SSD for schizoaffective disorder for over 15 years, so I'm familiar with being "disabled", esp with being invisibly disabled, i.e.-looking "normal" but not being able to function like most people can. I'm lucky-I work pt as a librarian, though it takes all of my resources just to do so. I take a lot of medication but am able to do most of what I want to do. I do exercise-walking when I can, stretches when I can-but sometimes have to use a cane , if I'm having a bad day or flare. I also use a TENS unit on occasion, which also helps. I hae a good team of docs ho wok ogether wth me so can have a good life. Lastly, but certainly not least, I have a supportive partner-she listens to me vent, helps me when neccesary, and doesn't let me succumb to self-pity.
    A few non-FMS related details-I'm 42, live in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, have one cat and two guinea pigs, and am a proud queer lesbian.
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    Welcome to the Board. You might want to post the personal info under your "Profile" section.
    There is lots of good info here, and I hope it will help you deal with the Fibro. It is tough having several things wrong at once, but it sounds like you have a good attitude.
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    Just wanted to say Hi and welcome you to this board. Many great people hear and they are very knowledgeable and helpful.