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    Lets Do It For ME

    I hope that if you are willing and able to you will spare £1 in honour
    of ME Awareness Month towards the much-needed biomedical ME
    research planned by Invest in ME charity at the University of East
    Anglia UK.

    So far the total amount raised stands at £42 080 of the 100 000k that is

    Donations are by text (min. £1) or via the Just Giving page (min. £2):

    Other options to donate from £1, including PayPal are listed here:

    For one day, one pound text ODOP99 £1 to 70070 or click:

    About Lets Do it For ME:
    They are a patient-driven campaign run in cooperation with Invest in ME to
    raise funds to establish a UK centre of excellence for biomedical ME
    research and treatment.

    May awareness month materials by Lets Do it For ME on this link:

    "Lets ~Do it For ME"

    Facebook "Let's do it for ME!"


    May awareness month materials by Invest In ME:

    Invest In ME website:

    Please repost and forward above information posting around the links etc to
    facebook twitter etc with permission to repost.

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