Invitation from SSA for Comments on Plans - Deadline SOON

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    The SSA has openly invited comments on current plans to update and revise the rules for evaluating Immune Disorders and Mental Disorders. The deadline for us to comment is:

    <b>June 16</b> for the Mental Disorders
    <b>July 8</b> for the Immune Disorders

    I hope everyone will take the opportunity to explore their plans - they may help or hurt us.

    You can find this information at the ssa gov website under Disability Programs - "What's New?"


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    thank you very much for this info!
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    On the SSA homepage screen in the center, click on "More disability information" from their menu shown below:

    Disability and SSI
    Do you qualify? | Apply for disability benefits online
    Already receiving benefits | Ticket to Work
    <b>More disability information</b>

    It takes you to the Disability Programs page. The "What's New?" is on the sidebar to the right side of the screen.

    What's New?
    SSA Introduces Revised Form to Authorize Disclosure of Information (Form SSA-827)

    Plans to Update and Revise Our Rules for Evaluating Immune System Disorders

    Plans to Update and Revise Our Rules for Evaluating Mental Disorders

    Let me know if this helps or not.