Invitation to Participate in a Fibromyalgia Information Needs Study

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    Hi everyone,

    I am a graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and I am writing to ask you for your help in a survey of fibromyalgia-related information needs, seeking and use.

    The survey consists of four sections: health condition and management strategies; information needs, seeking and use; online support groups; and personal information.

    It should take you 15-20 minutes to complete.

    It is available at:

    I hope that the results of this study will increase understanding of fibromyalgia sufferers' information needs and preferences, and that this knowledge may be used in the design and improvement of health-related information services.

    This study, 11-0295, has been approved by the University’s Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Research. For more information about your rights as a subject, please use the contact information found on the survey to contact the IRB.

    In addition to filling out this survey, if you could let others who have fibromyalgia know about it, I would really appreciate it!

    If they are interested in learning more about this study, they may contact me to learn more information using the contact information found on the survey.

    Thank you for considering this invitation!

    Annie Chen
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    What is so hard is that we get people on the board who don't read the rules about no surveys and no research surveys. Students come here forgetting that this is a board for us to help each other. Instead students come here not wanting to become part of the board, but instead wanting something of us. I for one get tired of people repeated here that want something of us or to sell us something.

    I would actually like students to stop using the internet to do their school project in a flimsy easy way. Instead I ask you to go out into the community, to centers that focus on Fibro and present yourself to doctors, nurses, assistants, and patients, talk about what project you are working on, how it relates to Fibro and what you are trying to accomplish and perhaps prove with the survey. Then hand out printed copies of your surveys so that you have to put some work into it. It actually puts you face to face with the people you want information from and is much more valuable than some weak attempt using an internet survey.

    You have to decide whether you want your project to be the best with actual information from people that you interfaced with, or whether you want quick flimsy or false info given to teach you a lesson and that we're tired of survey people. Remember, we don't care as it's not our project.
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