Iodine Deficiency Reminder

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    I posted this on Alternative Discussion, but I don't think it's visited much on that board:

    We've discussed this many times on these boards, but we always need Reminders. When I've missed my daily dose of Iosol, I end up with breast pain and tenderness...I never miss my daily dosing now.

    The lack of Iodine can cause just about every ill known to us.

    Slow beat, fast beat, fibrillation, weakness, difficulty swallowing, poor sleep, cancer, breast and ovarian cysts, rotten nerves, depression and the list goes on. And on. Seemingly ad infinitum. Dr. David Brownstein is one of
    the 'iodine doctors' and has a book called "Iodine: Why You Need It: Why You Can't Live Without It" and it is worth its weight in gold, and fortunately only costs $15.00, maybe less. Hair loss?? That's a major one too.

    Thyroid Health too, another big one.

    Considering how necessary a large supply of
    iodine is and how prevalent the halogens are (chlorine in water, fluoride too, and bromide in bread products (each of which is a halogen and drives iodine out of the body)) I am surprised that more aren't dying by the bucketload. Bromo Seltzer had bromine in it and put thousands in mental
    institutions because of its bromine content.