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    today i went to see a herbalist who reads your eyes. He told me that i was full of chemicals and needed iodine . I told him that i already took thyroid meds armour. But he said that i also needed iodine. I suggested iodoral but he never heard of this. But my question is does iodine help take chemicals out of the body?? Or do i have to take the applecyder vinegar baths to remove chemicals from the body. thanks crickett
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    I would be very interested in knowing how it turned out if you do try the iodine skin test... I used to be low in iodine, and I used to take Iodoral, because I have fibrocystic breast disease. My doctor also told me to take progesterone cream in conjunction with Iodoral. I haven't taken Iodoral for a few years now, but am thinking I need to go back on it.

    Thanks for the interesting posts on this thread, everyone!