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    Hi all,
    I was just wondering if anyone has ever done an iodine skin test for thyroid problems? I was siagnosed with adrenal exhaustion in march 04. I have been taking supplements to help because the doctor tried thyroid meds and that increased my exhaustion. Over the past 2 months I have gained 15 pds and I have no desire to do anything. I go to work everyday and come home to my family and thats about it.

    I also am experiencing difficulty swallowing when trying to go to sleep at night and my neck looks swollen although I have no neck pain. I was just wondering if any of this sounds familiar to anyone as I have had FM for over 11 years and these symptoms are new to me.

    I know I should go get some lab work but I am so sick of Drs and their attitudes about normal ranges etc..

    Thanks ahead for any help. Stay safe and be strong.

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    bumping for reply
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    Getting some Dr's to understand to listen to symptoms and not base their diagnosis just on tests drives me crazy too.
    I complained for three years that something was going on. My metabolism was going backwards.

    1200 calories a day and I was still putting on weight. Finally, my test went from what he considered normal (5) to 15. T4 levels were all out of whack.

    The only way is to get some resolution is to keep at the Dr and explain these new symptoms. Enlargement of the thyroid is common in both hyper and hypothyroidism. Ask him to do a more indepth test than just the TSH.

    I'm on 75 mcg's of thryoid medication and I'm still struggling to lose weight. Next time I'm tested I'm going to get the results from him and do my own investigation.

    Good Luck