IOM Meeting / Writing to Congressman

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    Hello all.

    I am thinking about writing to my congressman and senator and asking them to "weigh-in" on what is going on with the IOM meetings. I understand the basics of what is happening with adopting the Canadian Consensus Criteria and having CFIDS specialists on the panel. However, I have been too dizzy to really research everything about it to write a good letter after I wrote my letter last week.

    So, if I wrote a letter describing CFIDS and my situation and then asked the congressman/senator, "Can you do the following..." What would be something to ask for? What department of government is this - CDC, DHHS? Who is the chairperson? Who do they contact?

    If you have a good handle on the situation and can write several sentences or bullet points, please let me know. Or, if there is one article that summarizes this, please post as well.