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  1. redtex

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    has anyone tried the ionic foot bath for removal of metals and toxins. most chriopratric offices offer this. i am very skeptical of this. i had the bath with my feet in it and saw the black and colored water it produced. i then had them do it with out my feet in it and saw just about the same thing. anyone else tried this? thanks for your input.
  2. Inishfree

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    Hi, I have been going for colonics for relief from Candida. The nurse offered this service to a friend of mine and I saw the colors change. It must be the chemicals they put in to it. Did you feel any relief yourself. This woman charges $35.00 per 20 min. session.
    I'll ask her tomorrow what she puts into the foot bath.
  3. auntyemnga

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    Yes, I believe in these. They are called Bio-Cleanse. I started getting them in December. No, they did not make me feel better but....and this is a big one, as bad as my body is I don't expect miracles overnight. I just felt better knowing that I was getting all of this junk out of me. Each treatment had a different outcome.

    In January I had to stop getting them due to going to a new doctor who didn't want me to do them while I am doing his protocol. Once I'm through his treatment I'll definitely start them again.

    Now, on the other hand, my daughter also does them especially when she feels a cold coming on. They definitely help her. She'll even ask to get a treatment and I don't have to take her kicking and screaming (he-he).

    I've chatted with Skierchik about bio-cleanse as she has even bought a machine so she can do it at home.

    Good luck,
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    My husband has started them, and is going to do them on a regular basis (or so he says).

    I want to get my neurofeedback balanced, and then I'll start them as well.

    Much better than using the oral detox methods for me.