Ionic Foot Bathes

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by skierchik, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. skierchik

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    Since some of you are interested, I thought I would share my experience.

    I bought a machine last October. I researched for two weeks before I bought one. The reason I wanted to buy one was because I tried it and liked it. I went to a spa type place and had a hot steam followed by cold shower then a foot detox (she used the Body Cleanse machine). I felt so much RELIEF from fatigue by doing this. I found another different machine closer to home to try and didn't like it as much as the first one. The hot sauna and cold shower probably helped the detox though.

    Of course, I don't have a steam shower or sauna at home, but I still get relief from the foot detox. Believe me I would not spend $2500 on a machine if I didn't think it worked or w/o doing research. My husband who is healthy and doesn't know anything about alternative medicine or the health industry ASKS for me to give him one. He travels every week by plane and always wants one when he gets home. He says they make him "feel better". That's another reason I know they work!! And I know when he's been eating badly because I see it in the water. The gross factor of his bath is usually around a 7, but when he's been bad it's usually around a 9!!

    They work better when you do a sequence of 14 every few days then off for several weeks then on again depending on your age.

    Here's the skinny: There are many, many machines and some are worthless!!! The one I chose was the Body Cleanse. It's owned by father and son in Utah and they have medical backgrounds. They mostly only sell to docs who use these as well as chiro's.

    The other popular one is called the EB-305 (energy balancer) but the ionator has to be replaced on these machines and the EB is the most expensive one to replace. Both the EB and the BCleanse make their ionators out of surgery grade stainless steel. The B Cleanse costs $80 and the EB costs $150 for replacement. They have to be replaced after about 80-100 uses if you take care of them. Also the EB is very big and bulky to carry around and I want to turn this into a ptime business at some point.

    The idea of these machines is to alkalize the body. Your body's fluids must maintain a certain pH level and most peoples are too low (acidic) because of diets and environmental pollutants etc. So the idea is to put negative and positive ions in the water, but the negative ones are the most needed. Some machines only produce neg. ions and you don't want that. You want a machine that produces both. You add salt to the water which allows the ions to enter the big pores in your feet.

    See for great explanation of how it all works. The EB 305 website does a better job of explaining it than the BC website does. Both are good machines and you can't go wrong with either one.

    The Body Cleanse (see had lab results done before and after a detox to test the water. See and click on Products, Body Cleanse, Research and read studies 1 & 2.

    The big lies about these machines are this: The colors you see in the water are not from all the toxins coming out of your body. In order to sell these machines some companies say "look at all the toxins we got out of your body". "The brown color is this, the orange is that, blah, blah, blah.

    There is color because the sea salt you add to the water along with the ions and minerals in your water make most of the colors. It depends upon your water in your area as to how the colors will look but it's because of the salt and the minerals in the water. I didn't know this when I first had one done. I thought the colors were toxins too, but then I did the research and I called different doctors and companies who use this around the US and they were kind enough to answer my ?'s.

    Know that some of the tinting of the water can be from your toxins being released through the pores of your feet, but not most of it. The bubbles you see are the lymphatic system and the whitish stuff is usually candida. Those I think are true. To me it doesn't matter what the color is or isn't, because I feel better doing them and that's what matters.

    Hope this is helpful. I tried to make it short, but want to give enough info to help out.

  2. zoemurr

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    I have used these 3x at the chiro and really don't notice much of anything, although it is nice just to sit there and relax. Mine has huge black chunks floating around. Any idea what that is?

  3. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    If they use the EB 305 (large green machine) than the black flecks per the maker of the machine come from (a) the zinc bar in the middle of the array or (b) from the de-ionization from heavy metals in the water itself or (c) from the de-ionization of metals from the patient's body.

    I don't always see a significant difference in how I feel, I think it really depends upon how fatigued I am at the time of the foot bath and the time between the last one. Like I said you need to do a series of them close together. Detoxing is a very tricky thing and you can feel really badly while doing them, but with these machines and how they work it keeps you from having the "healing crisis" while it's detoxing you and thats huge!! I've done detoxes before and I had felt absolutely horrible while doing them.

    I've actually been really neglectful in doing my foot bathes, so I will be doing them very regularly for the next 3 weeks and will let you all know how it's going.

  4. auntyemnga

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    Well said!! I'm going to get mine with my tax refund.

  5. Sbilek

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    Skierchik, tx for posting info. I'm going to have my first ionic foot bath in a few weeks, am interested to see the results.

    Your info was helpful.

  6. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    Your welcome, let us know what you think and I urge you to try a series of them if you can.

    Happy detoxing!

  7. caroleye

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    My husband's been doing these, and the D.C. told him to be sure to take multi-minerals to replace the ones that you are taking out.

    His water goes dark brown; and with lots of black. He's really tired after them, so he's backing off for awhile.

    But I think they're great if you can tolerate detoxing.

  8. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    Yes, detoxing can be very difficult. It is also important to drink alot of water in order to flush out toxins. If your husband is not feeling all that well while doing these bathes and IS taking minerals (trace too) and drinking lots of water than his practioner should use a less strong detox setting on him. My machine has 3 settings and I usually have to use the mild one. Of course, diet is very important too while detoxing. Lots of fiber and non-processed foods are a must.

    Hope he feels better soon!

    Keep fighting,


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