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    No one has heard from you for days. Please let your friends know you are OK.

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    Sorry to worry you...I lost my internet for a few days. They "accidentally" changed my MAC address!

    I was starting to go into withdrawals from the board. I missed everyone. I seem to be running behind on everything. Last week was a week in my life I would never wish to repeat at Christmas time it was especially hard.

    My kids went back to school today, and my daughter went home yesterday. Tomorrow for the first time in months I am meeting a friend at the local cafe for coffee in the morning. She is a good friend who has stuck by me, she was hired by me at her current position and keeps me posted on how much my tenants miss me. (I miss them everyday, but feel guilty because I haven't went to see them. I feel like I let them down when I resigned)

    Enough of me!

    Larry, I hope the holidays went okay for you and SueAnn, I know it was going to be rough without having Christmas at your place. Did you get to see everyone, including grandkids over the holidays? I will talk with you tomorrow..sometime. I have two computers to work on tomorrow so will probably be later in the day. Both computers have viruses in so will be doing some trial and error on them and then fixing them so it doesn't happen again. (I may be checking in for suggestions from you if I fail) Keep your fingers and maybe your toes too crossed for me. :)

    Ali, I am so glad you missed me too. How was your holidays? I bet watching those two precious little girls open their presents was awesome. Isn't that just the best part of Christmas, watching how much fun the kids have! Is Amelia doing okay today and is her mommy taking care of herself too? Hold her close and treasure all the little memories you have while she is little, for they grow up way to fast! I will be thinking of you and if you ever need to talk to someone just give me a holler. I am a great listener.

    Sorry to ramble on so long...maybe it is the caffiene and chocolate. (I am not sure if my husband is trying to get me fat or score brownie points but he keeps bringing me home "Hersheys Treasure Dark Chocolate bars". Well Dark Chocolate is supposed to help with sleep..but I think the coffee at 10 at night probably counteracts the benefits!)

    Take care and Kitten Hugs,
    Blessed Be,
    Laurie :)
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    I am so glad to hear from you. It really had me worried.

    I did get to see threee out of six kids on New Year's Day along with an ex-wife and her son. Four of my grandkids were here which made it a good day.

    By talking tomorrow does that mean I might find you in chat instead of just passing messages back and forth?

    Two computers huh. Let me see. I have one for the local ISP, one for my youngest sister, one for my mom, a customer wants a new DVD drive installed this weekend, another wants his anti-virus fixed after he upgraded it himslef and broke it and the City of Pella wants a presentation on a POS system for their city gift shop. I get stressed out just thinking about it. On top of that MY Qiuickbooks Pro 2005 quit working after Microsoft upgraded the browswer to version 7 with out my knowledge. I had to blow away my laptop and install XP with out IE7 so I could get to my bookkeeping. I get stressed out just thinking about it.

    To help the stress Sue Ann and I went to Des MOines today and bought another live rock for our salt water aquarium and three fish. We also went to Micheals and spent money on crafts. I bought her a good wood burning outfit since she is enjoying doing it. After she does them I paint them so it is now a hobby we do together.

    Tomorrow I go see the doctor about my shoulder because it keeps getting worse and now the left one is hurting too. I don't think it is simple inflamation. We won't discuss what I think of the surgeon who operated on my shoulder and clains there is nothing wrong with it.

    Sorry to ramble on so much but you did tell Ali that you were a good listener and I have been bottling some of this up. I didn't realize until I started writing that I was.

    Again..........I am so glad to hear from you and know you are OK.

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    Okay here goes the abbreviated version now! Oh! and yup I am a good listener. Anytime you would like. We should try to set up a time for the chat room, it is so hard to catch people there. I tried a couple times to go in when I was new, but haven't since. But might be worth a try!

    I am so glad you got to see your kids and grandkids on New Years. That must have made you feel so much better for the holidays.

    DesMoines, that should have been nice to get out for the day, just the two of you. Larry and I go to Micheals in Waterloo. He likes looking for clearance and I just love to wonder and I see such great things I would love to do for crafts. What kind of things do you and SueAnn do for wood burning and then painting?

    Wow, you are far more advanced with the computers than me. I love them and still have my original computer I got in 1990, and it still works! We have three computers in the house, plus another kids laptop at the moment. All on the internet of course!

    I did get one computer fixed yesterday. All the bugs are out and it is working wonderfully now. The other computer, well I recommended they take it to Best Buy in Waterloo and have them fix it. They have a bug that is attached to files that I am afraid if I try to get them out I may do harm to the hard drive. It would lock up from the get go, but I could get task manager to open and looked at processes and could see some working but did not want to eliminate the wrong thing. I know my limits and respectfully let others know that. It is the first computer in 10 years I couldn't fix! Kind of a bummer. It is my youngest son, Brandon's best friends family computer. And oh my goodness they can't play World of Warcraft their now.

    At this time I am not asleep because I have 5 teenage boys upstairs..wide awake. As they probably will be through the night. One is one the computer playing WOW, one is one the laptop in his room looking at computer specs, 3 are playing Halo 2 on the Xbox 360. I have two dogs at my feet, my white angora on the back of my chair, two other cats laying in a chair beside me and Larry is zonked in his recliner. Yup, my house is pretty much full and I wouldn't have it any other way! Well at least most days. :)

    Sorry I wasn't on the last couple days like I said I would be. Do you ever have days where you just cannot keep your eyes open no matter how hard you try? My last two days have been those kind of days. I slept so hard yesterday I didn't hear my kids call me on the phone that was laying in my lap! Usually I pick them up from the bus stop. When they walked in the door it took me a minute to figure out what was going on. I fall asleep in my chair and jump myself awake. I told Larry that I really prefer the days with pain, I can work through the pain I don't get anything done when I can't wake up!

    Well, I think I have rambled sufficiently enough for 1:30 in the morning. Good thing I was going to give you the abbreviated version! (Teehee)

    Take care and Kitten Hugs,
    Blessed Be,
    Laurie :)

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    If you are still up I am in chat now.
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    1:47 am here, I will still go in and check to see if you are on.

    Laurie :)
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    I am still up for a while