Iraq War Vets - brain blasts and chronic pain

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    Did anyone see that article in Popular Science [Sept 2008] [other news outlets have also reported this story] about how Iraq War Vets who were exposed to IED blasts and "forced entry" blasts are coming home with chronic pain symptoms? {I will try to find a weblink, I have the article at home -try google it].

    The article did not relate what the Vets are suffering from as being FIBROMYALGIA symptoms... but if you read the list of symptoms it is evident that they are much the same. {Pain, fatigue, insomnia, IBS, concentration and cognitive problems, memory problems, etc.}

    What sheds some light on chronic pain conditions is the fact that these vets have had particular patterns of brain damages. Having survived those explosions - the type of blast that used to kill soldiers, but today's body armour is allowing them to live - their brains sustain some damage that has not been seen in the living very much. It is assumed that shock waves, and/or EMF waves, go rippling through the blood vessels and up to the brain with such force that tissues etc are damaged. It is a very difficult type of damage to see, but the fact that neurons and sensitive cells are involved, damage would be expected.

    MRI images show those patterns, and I would hope that someone will compare them to MRIs of chronic pain people in regular society. I have read that we do have specific patterns of brain abnormalities, at least a subest of us chronic pain people do. Maybe it is just the civilian males [such as myself] with chronic pain conditions that are similiar, research will tell.

    I suspect the EMF - electromagnetic fields - might be at least irritating the Fibro symptoms. Also, concussions - I have had two big ones - might predispose a person to Fibro.
    This info might also lead to better diagnosing for chronic pain people - wouln't it be great if the doctors could know for sure if we had pain or if we are faking it? [it would for me at least, lol].

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    I dispatched for years as well as received a concussion as a child. I stay in misery. I wish they could find something to help us.
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    and a serious car accident and I know they are related to my Fibro pain. I just try to keep going and work the best I can.

    I have more pain on my left side than my right side and its been that way for years.

    When I was growing up 8-10 years old I remember my mom always had pain on her right side and lived on the heaing pad.

    I also have depression issues too.

    Right now I feel so screwed up--can't seem to find the right depression med,and also can't afford them either. and I can't afford to take my celebrex on a regular basis. Just turned my application in for mediciad and food stamps--so maybe I can get a little help there.

    But I keep plugging along like a turtle.