(Ireland) May talks on ME in Dublin & Galway by ME Expert Dr Abhijit Chaudhuri

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    The Irish ME/CFS Association is pleased to announce the following two talks by Dr. Abhijit Chaudhuri (from the UK) as part of its ME Awareness Month activities in May. The talks will include questions-and-answers sessions.

    Admission is E5, on the door, to help towards the costs of organising these two meetings, and Dr. Chaudhuri's trip.

    - Saturday, May 30: 2:45 pm, Connacht Hotel (formerly Carlton Hotel), Dublin Road, Renmore, Galway City. Hotel tel: 091 381 200. Free parking.

    - Sunday, May 31: 11 am, Carlton Hotel Dublin Airport, Old Airport Road, Cloghran (Santry), Dublin Airport, Co. Dublin. Hotel tel: (01) 8667500. Free parking.

    Dr. Abhijit Chaudhuri, consultant neurologist at the Essex Centre of Neurological Science, is now arguably the leading practising neurologist with an interest in ME/CFS/post-viral syndromes in Great Britain and Ireland.

    Research on fatigue in common neurological disorders is the main theme of Dr. Chaudhuri's work. He takes special interest in myalgic encephalomyelitis
    (ME) and did his PhD thesis on it.

    His other areas of interest are multiple sclerosis, neuroimmunity, neurological infections and adult neurometabolic diseases.

    Dr. Chaudhuri was involved in research looking at the spinal tissue of a few patients with ME

    For more information, contact: Irish ME/CFS Association, PO Box 3075, Dublin 2. Tel: (Dublin) 2350965

    By the way, we would have liked to have had more talks but he wasn't free.
    Also we would have preferred to have the Dublin talk a bit later in the day but Dr. Chaudhuri was not available.

    Irish ME/CFS Association
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    I hope you are able to go and give us a condensed report! I'm in California and can't make it, though I should love to..........


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