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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pumpkinpatch, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. pumpkinpatch

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    Hi All: Yesterday I went to see a 30 year vet to Iridology at the "Wild Rose Clinic". Wow: What a concept. Seeing how the body is functioning through the iris, pulse and tongue.

    He told me I have a "Strong Constitution" which is apparently good. Also I have parasites and a few other issues. I'm to incorporate the Parasite cleanser, Reishi mushroom caps, some drops and better Digestive Enzymes.

    He was impressed with my anti-yeast candida diet and all the vitamins and supplements I've been on. One thing he did suggest was if the "digestive System" isn't working properly then all those other things I've been taking won't be absorbed. Waste of money.

    I'm to go back in two weeks. It was very interesting.

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    Years ago I went to girlfriend went all the time...and he was helping her with MS and she was making improvements..unfortunatly she didn't want to get better...he was able to tell me all the surgeries I the past so he made a believer out of me...Shirley
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    I am a believer. I went with a friend. Each of us had a free 15 minute visit at our health food store. We didn't stay near each other, thinking it was quite personal. I didn't want to hear what might be private to her.

    This is a friend that would normally never do something like this, it was free and we just happened in the store and that is why she did it. When we got to the car I said what did you think? Well, she was about 40 at the time, and at about 19 she was in a car accident that put her into a coma for 2 weeks. The iridologist saw that, and that was enough for both of us. We left believers.

    Thanks for the reminder, it's time for me to go back.
  4. pumpkinpatch

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    What great stories. Yes I am on the parasite caps, 4 per day and they include the black walnut, wormwood and grapeseed. Very powerful. I felt bad the first few days but now 1 week later things are better.

    He mentioned parasites, sore back, little bit of yeast/candida. Told me I had a strong constitution. Have you heard that mentioned with Iridology?

    I'm also on the drops which include things like chamomille and relaxing herbs. Also the Reishi mushroom caps, 4 per day and good quality digestive enzymes.

    My stomach is much better since I've eliminated the sugar, carbs, dairy etc. I eat alot of veggies, chicken, fish etc. Even for breakfast.

    I go back to see him next week.

    thanks for replies.


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