iRobot Vacs Anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hermitlady, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. hermitlady

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    Has anyone tried one of the Roomba or other automatic rechargeable vacuum robot thingys? I've been thinking about getting one. There is one Roomba that is just for hard floors, it's yellow and about $130 online. It's actually more of a sweeper rather than a vac. Most reviews were favorable.

    I am constantly in a losing battle w my filthy house. We recently finished an addition to our downstairs area (my dh's stupid idea, it's just more to take care of IMO) and I have probably 2,000 sq ft of smooth tile floor to maintain. It's a streaky light grey color and it shows everything, I really thought it would hide more grunge than it does when we picked it out.

    Between cats, dogs, kids and living in a dusty dirty rural area, my floors are always grimy. To get the grit up, I really have to vac it (too labor intensive to do too often), sweeping just stirs up the furballs etc. I have a Swiffer, but it leaves a lot of stuff behind. I rarely mop, too hard for me...and nobody else here seems to know how to operate a mop anyway, grrrr.

    I don't know why I didn't think about buying one of these robot vacs sooner, and now that I have the urge to buy one, I'm obsessing over which one to get. Anything to help me keep up w this mess!!!

    Comments? Suggestions? Thanks....
  2. butterflydream

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    and i couldn' t be without mine.

    i now have the iRobot Roomba (white). i've had this nearly 3 years and it works perfect.
    Before the white one i had purchased the green iRobot Roomba and it(green) just did not clean well and did not last long at all.

    I am very pleased with the white iRobot Roomba (model number 535).
    Cleans up all dog/cat hair, dirt. whatever may be in its path.
    i highly recommend this one if they still have this model 535.

    i have never been disappointed in having my iRobot .
    Hope this gives you some insight you are asking.
  3. mbofov

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    I rarely have the energy to vacuum or clean after doing the bare necessities (grocery shopping, laundry, etc.) and in between crashes and getting sick and detoxing and herxing, which seem to take up most of my time.

    My floors are always dirty, plus I have dust mite allergies which I have felt helpless to do anything about (besides getting an allergen-free mattress cover and pillows), but have been unable to do the necessary vacuuming more often than once every couple of months.

    I just checked Amazon - they have the white roomba 535 for $250, includes free shipping. I just may have to buy one - that's why God created credit cards, right? I do try really hard not to use my cc for anything trivial, but this seems like it might be an essential thing for me.

    Thanks for the post!

    ETA: I just rechecked Amazon and it turns out I was looking at the 530, not the 535. However, there's a new one, model 536 available at HSN for $249 which has some very good reviews, so may look into that one.

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  4. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    My dad loves his. Would one of the floor steam cleaners help?

    Does the roomba work on tile?

  5. stschn

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    We have one but we do have Dupont laminat floors. I love everthing about it except cleaning it ( my dh does it most the time anyway). Our house is small abouth 1400 feet and some areas i.e. the bathroom around the pot it can not do. Other than that it's a blessing as I have no energy to vacuum and he has to much to do to take the time for it. We also have a gal come in once a month for 2 hours to help us. It's $25 an hour for mostly 2 hours- unless we ask her for something extra. A dirty house really will stress me out. Jes

    PITATOO Member

    Does it clean as good as a vacuum? I am a single male and have gone through so many house keepers. Even in this bad economy you'd think people would be happy to earn extra money. I work a min of 50 hours a week(thank goodness I can still work - my last part of my former life I am trying to hold on to) but afterwards I have no energy to do anything. Saturdays if I don't have to work are a complete loss, Sundays are better and I hate to waste energy on cleaning. I have been thinking of a roomba for years but not sure if it would help. Most of my house is carpeted and 3 floors, but I have a new addition on the first floor so I have a large master suite where I don't ahve to take the stairs. So not a lot to clean as it is just me but I can't handle anythign out of place or even one thing on the carpet. Hope to hear some more responses to this as I think it would help me. Anything to help in cleaning and reducing my stress i try to do.
  7. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    I loved my roomba. it would even go under the furniture a plus. unfornately it stopped holding a charge(think to much cat hair)and I havent gotten it fixed yet.

    would suggest if you have pets ran it often. they even have a floor scrubber one now.

    I thought it worked better than vac,it goes along walls. it came with the vitual walls and remote.

    absolutaly worth it,if mine cant be fixed will replace
  8. hermitlady

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    In my research, I found a suggestion to buy one thru Hammacher Schlemmer online. If you buy it from them, it automatically comes with a lifetime guarantee rather than the manuf 1 yr warranty.

    I still need to spend some more time checking reviews etc....I'm kind of obsessive about that!

    I don't really see how such a small device could do much of a deep vacuuming on carpet...hard floors seem like they'd be perfect for one of these.

    There were comments about what a pain some of them are to clean out. But the yellow one just has a series of brushes and fewer parts to clean since it's made for hard floors, garages, etc.

    If there is something I could just turn on and walk away...sounds good to me. It would have to make my floors cleaner than they are right now! There is so much tile, I can never get it all done in one day...or in one wk for that matter!
  9. quanked

    quanked Member

    After reading all the comments I have some questions about these robot things.

    1. How long to they last? Someone mentioned having bought 2 for a relative

    2. Are they real icky to clean out? And is it difficult to do?

    3. Are they just for hard floors? Is there one for carpets?

    4. Is there one model that is better than another?

    Thanks is advance.

    One more thing, how does one go about finding a house cleaner and how much an hour does one pay for such a service?

    This is a great thread! I have wondered about these robot vacuums before.
  10. kerrilyn

    kerrilyn Member

    I have an area rug low pile carpet, tile, and hardwood and one roomba 570 cleans all of it. We have lots of animals too. Letting the roomba run on it's own so I don't have to vacuum lets me have energy to do other things.
  11. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I've had some bad luck w rechargeable appliances etc. The batteries never seem to last very long, losing their ability to hold a charge etc. (Like my laptop, $90 to replace).

    So, rechargeable batteries are quite expensive to replace, for instance, for my favorite cordless phones, batteries cost $12 apiece. I could
    almost buy a new phone for that much! LOL

    Also, it seems very "ungreen"....nowadays, companies are making too many products that are practically disposable. "They just don't make 'em like they used to" !!!

    There are several different models of these...when I get a chance I'll post some info if I can figure out how:)

    Also, I know from experience, that simple designs/fewer moving parts often means a better machine. ....Sorry, that's the Engineer in me......

    For past users, how long can you actually run hour? I would think they vary on power according to the model. Also, I know some of them are self docking, which would be cool. The more automated, the better!

    Keep these posts coming, I still can't believe I hadn't thought of this type of "housecleaner" before! However, this huge expanse of tile has only been installed in my house for 6 mos or so...not really liking it, too much maint, but if you keep it clean it's supposed to be healthier that carpet. Drives me nuts always seeing fuzz balls and chunks of dirt scattered about!

    Search on :)
  12. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    What an interesting website! I love it. I'd never seen it before, I think I may do my Christmas shopping there for adults and kids both -

  13. thecatswhiskers

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    I got one 2 weeks ago ......... absolutely fab (and hilarious to boot!). I've got the Roomba 530 and have mainly laminate floors with a few rugs. very good at what it does ..... though I don't have pets or children! :)

    Hope that helps!
  14. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    Here's some info I put together today....

    From, vacuum model comparison info:

    iRobot Roomba 610, Professional Series---$599, 4.5 star cust rating, covers 1 to 4 rooms, scheduling included, auto self charge, 3 cleaning modes, made for large or high traffic areas

    iRobot Roomba 570---$449, 4.5 stars, 1 to 4 rooms, sched included, auto self chg, 3 clean modes, remote control, 2 virtual walls, replacement beater and brush

    iRobot Roomba 562, Pet Series---$369, 4.5 stars, 1 to 4 rooms, sched and auto charge, 2 clean modes

    iRobot Roomba 560--$349, 4.5 stars, 1 to 4 rooms, sched and auto charge, 2 clean modes

    iRobot Roomba 532---$319, 4.5 stars, 1 to 3 rms, no sched, self chg included, 2 clean modes

    iRobot Roomba 510---$$279, 4.5 stars, 1 to 2 rms, no sched or self chg, 2 clean modes

    iRobot Roomba 435---$199, 5 stars, 1 to 2 rms, no sched or self chg, 2 clean modes

    Further info on what the above models include:

    Anti-tangle and light touch bumpers included, EXCEPT for model 435.

    Room to room navigation only avail on 610 and 570.

    High capacity bins- Included on 610, 562, 532. Optional on 570, 560, 510. Not avail on 435.

    Warranty (Mfg)- 610 has 2 yr, the rest have 1 yr.

    Cleaning info: The robot uses dozens of sensors to automatically monitor its environment and adjust its behavior up to 67 times per second to cover every area of the floor an average of four times. Room Coverage refers to the average number of rooms that the robot will clean on a single battery charge. Cleaning time may vary based on floor surface and the extent of dirt and debris.

    There are also shop sweepers, gutter cleaners, floor washers, and pool cleaning robots. I will post about the sweepers and floor washers later....

    Hopefully you guys can use some of this info.

    Also, remember this is from the iRobot mfg website, so comparisons and reviews may vary elsewhere. I am not an employee or affiliate of iRobot or any other product...:) Just trying to help.

    I can't wait to get one of these and try it out!
  15. banya

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    Hi. Just wanted to comment on these. I can't remember which model I had (it had no schedule, but did have the virtual walls). I really loved it when it was working. I did an ok job on hardwood floors and managed to get pet hairs and lint off of carpets. I would still feel I needed to use a regular vac on the carpeted areas every once in a while - but still, I found it to be very helpful. I was always amazed at how much stuff it picked up when I emptied the canister.
    I would set it to start cleaning when I left for work and it was always nice to come home to dust free floors. I personally thought the thing was much too noisey to leave running while I was at home.

    The problem was that the battery eventually wouldn't hold a charge. I had to send it in to fix. Then it lasted maybe another 9 months or so and completely died. It was expensive to have repaired out of warranty. The vaccuum repair place I took it to told me that they decided not to work on them anymore. In their opinion these tend to break down a lot, so I would need to mail it in to have it repaired.

    I still miss having one of these things though, to be honest. I just feel bad about spending so much on another one knowing it may not last much longer than a year. It's cheaper than hiring a cleaning service - but, well, it is only taking care of one aspect of your cleaning. So - I'm now holding out waiting for someone to make a better product.
  16. quanked

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  17. quanked

    quanked Member

    Hey, I saw this on Woot today--iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot
    $179.99. Anyone know how well the floor washers work?

  18. quanked

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