Iron overload

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  1. I have been sick for 3 years and now finding out I have to much iron in my blood. Can this be associated with fibro?
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    My MIL had it, altho she didn't get it dx'd til in her 70s... pain in joints and overwhelming fatigue, she'd always been a fireball. After her iron levels were down to normal, she felt like 'herself' again. The only reason her doctor at the time (about 20 years ago) was aware of it was because a male colleague found out he had it too late and died from it at age 45.

    It is considered mostly a hereditary disease altho they've not ruled out other possibilities as causes... so it's important to make sure your children and any siblings know you have it and their children as well.

    MrDad here also has it.

    It is something my DH, & our son and daughter tested for every few years as one can get it at any age, even young women who are menstruating. Men can get it early or later, no rules as usual event tho most of the time men get it young since they don't menstruate, and women find out they have it later because they do.

    I am SO glad your doctor thought to test you for it, it all too often gets overlooked as it is somewhat rare; and hope you don't have to wait too long to start feeling the benefits of giving blood.

    Have you looked at the American Hemochromatosis Society's page yet? you might find it informative if you haven't -

    all the best,

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    Iron overload can cause symptoms like fatigue, muscle & joint pain that are very similar to fibro symptoms. "Fibro" is a pretty unspecific diagnosis. Many different things can cause fibro-type symptoms.

    IMO, iron overload is a much more specific disease than fibro. Have you been treated for the iron problem? If I were you, that's where I 'd start -- treating the iron overload.

    Do you know whether your iron overload is a genetic thing, or have you simply been taking in too much iron? The latter not very common, but possible if eating a high iron diet, cooking in cast iron, and/or overdoing iron supps.

    Once your iron level comes down, you will be in a better position to determine whether your symptoms were caused entirely by the extra iron, or whether you still have fibro, in addition.

    Best wishes.

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