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    Yes, I actually like to iron. I see the man across the street stand out doors with a shirt on a hangar spraying and spraying it with some product that is supposed to make it look ironed. tee hee... I could put the guy out of his misery and offer to simply iron it!

    My story is over ten years old. I was substitute teaching at the high school and one of the assignments for that teacher was to ask students on their way to the cafeteria to show their pass.

    Each lunch period 1,000 kids (4 lunch periods) were in the cafeteria.

    The house principal came over to me and said: Judy did you ask those two boys for a pass? Ach, NO, they were wearing dog collars with spikes. Well Judy, you have to ask that is your job today.

    OK Mr. Principal I shall try.

    I peeked down the hall and saw a single boy coming, his shirt was IRONED, his hair combed and I thought to myself OK, I can do this.

    As he started to pass by I said young man do you have a pass?


    I laughed so hard and I mentally made the note if you see me on hall duty go where you want.

    One other incident at the high school. I was upstairs finding a study hall that holds 100 in a theater type room. A fight was brewing, crowd collecting and no other teacher in sight. I thought ok, I am supposed to do something other than run the other way.

    The boy with his back to me was literally the size of a refrigerator huge! I tapped his shoulder and said MOVE ON. He turned ready to yell at me and darned if he wasn't a neighborhood kid who spent plenty of time playing with my kids . He looked at me peevishly and said: Oh Hi, Mrs. S and moved on.

    I do love the high school kids. I no longer sub but I enjoyed them so much more than the elementary ones where "I need a drink" , "me too" , "mee too".
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    I can iron really well but I really don't like to do it.

    One day, many years ago, I went down to my laundry room and stared at the pile of ironing that was piled up for at least a month. I resigned myself to doing it and then changed my mind. Quickly, I took all the clothes, put them in a trash bag, amd threw them out!! I figured if nobody was looking for the stuff for over a month, then they really didn't need it anyway!!! I can honestly say, I would never do that again, but at the time, felt momentarily triumphant!!! Later that day, my friend asked me if I had done all the ironing, and I replied, "Oh yeah, it's finished." I then told her what I did, and she laughingly said, "You know your insane!" Yeah, but I had a lot of free time that day...

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    With the other member. If it needs to be ironed, it gets thrown out. I do not iron......End of story.
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    Loved your "toss it" story. I am married to Mr. Deluxe Packrat . Since he always carried the trash to the curb, when I tried to throw stuff away he put it back.

    One time I had a garage sale set up so next day all I had to do was put up the garage door and pull some tables out. I began realizing the clock was missing and some other stuff. He kept it in the trunk of his car, then at some point to an old storage room in his building.

    You might enjoy knowing I insisted we consolidate and organize paperwork from drawers, boxes etc. He spent about 8 weeks in the basement with 4 long tables up. He had saved everything. Checks from 1966.

    But I do love your theme if you haven't looked for it in a month toss it.

    Whoever needs me.. I find the ironing relaxing. Oh yeah, you may color me crazy!
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    so funny, my father was the original packrat. We had a very large shed in our backyard that looked like a cottage. My mother always referred to it as 'Garbage Limbo' because stuff she put out for trash would wind up there, courtesy of Dad. On the plus side, right before they moved a few years ago, we found my original white go-go boots! My daughter loved them!

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    ae you sure the man spraying down his shirt outside isn't spraying it with starch? On the rare occasion that I have to iron, that is exactly what I do with the spray starch. I use it outdoors so the excess spray doesn't end up floating down to my floors.
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    But I love the 'toss it after a month' rule. I'd just make sure it happened before I spent time washing and drying!

    When we added a master suite on to our house, I made sure that the master closet had a blank space against one wall where I could keep my ironing board set up at all times. I hardly ever actually iron anymore since I am not at work much these days, but my husband has absolutely NO EXCUSE for not ironing his own clothes!