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    Hi Ironspine

    I too had spinal fusion ten years ago and had chronic shoulder pain after and then a few years later developed fibro. I always suspect it is from my surgery or rods in my back. I also had scoloisis. I would like the rods out, but I am afraid of my back getting bad from doing that. I even heard people can be allergic to the rods???? Not sure about that though
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    Hi-it's always nice to meet another fusion patient. Where did you have yours done? I had mine done in Minneapolis.
    I've had mine in 32 years now, and believe me there are times I wish I could yank them out. But, after fusion it is dangerous to have it done. I met another person who had the rods taken out-due to it breaking, I think. She has had nerve damage due to this and is on 5 or 6 pain meds and life is not good for her.
    My rods are stainless steel, I don't know what kind of material yours is. Anythings' possible I guess. I know there were occasions of mechanical failure after rod insertion in patients. Boy I'd hate to have anything done to my back again after all I went through!
    How old are you now?
    I've had 2 kids successfully, no problem, but the stress from that and life in general (I'm very active when I can be) has deteriorated the parts of my spine that aren't fused-they take the brunt of all your movement.
    Write back and keep in touch with me-I want to know how you are doing!!!!
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    May I join your club?

    I had my fusion in 1995.
    L3, L4, L5 and S1....from my waist down. This was in Wisconsin. The dr. put the right L5 screw through the spine and it's resting on the L4 nerve.
    At the time of the operation dr. used screws that cracked off when he was at the right depth....making it major surgery to try to get that screw backed up of completely I live with it. We are old pals now....I know not to turn fast or too far....I know I have to sit down very slowly and a pillow above my waist keeps pressure off the screw...not a pleasant life but I will live with it.

    What are your screw levels? Any additional back problems?

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    I have a fusion on the L-5 S1 level, and now the discs in L-3 and L-4 are starting to get worn down and bone spurs are forming. I also have a fusion on T-12 to L-3 due to a burst fracture. I believe the rods and screws are titanium.

    I had my first surgery at Johns Hopkins and my second at Winchester Medical Center in Winchester VA. Believe it or not I got better results at the Winchester hospital. But I seemed to get much worse Fibro after my first back surgery and it got even worse after my second surgery.

    I'm not sure of the screw levels. All I know is that they go through the bones and come out the other side. They look pretty nasty on the X-ray.


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    So glad you answered. I am 35 and had the surgery when I was 25 when my daughter was only 5 months old. I have had two kids since. My rods are titanium. My surgery was done in Michigan at William Beumont Hospital in Royal Oak. I agree I never want another back surgery, it was the worst thing ever and I have a high pain tolerenace, well at least I used to, lol. I tell people I would rather push out triplets or have ten babies then have this type of surgery. One day we will figure out what is wrong with us fibromites.
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    I forgot to mention my fusion is from the base of my neck to L4-one long rod with a hook and screw at the neck and screws along the spine the rest of the way. There is no movement for me at all in my back. On my last Xray I had osteosporosis in the spine from my shoulder blades to L4. I don't know the screw depth, but I had the best doc in the world-reknowned Dr. John Lonstein from South Africa. He's been on TV before. He is or was based at the Scoliosis Center in Minneapolis. If anyone was to ever have trouble he was the one to go to.
    There was a study done of us "old" patients from the 1970's in 1991 to see what affects there were from our surguries. I never got the results from this study, I just got busy and forgot about it. But I'm going to look it up on the net under that hospital. I have an acquintance that just had surgery similar to mine, and she's 43 yrs. old. She had it at the same hospital. I'm assuming Dr. Lonstein is retired, now.
    The friend also stated that fibro is common in "us" from what she's heard.
    I have an article that lists the type as Concomitant Fibro, that co-exists with musclepain from things like scoliosis, arthritus, etc. There is also Secondary or reactive Fibro that comes from trauma or overuse of muscles. I found this article thru this site.
    Keep posting and keep our buddy system going!
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    I just had a fusion in January at L-5 S-1. I have all kinds of weird random pain now deep in my tailbone. The Dr. did an extra m.r.i. and said that everything looks good but he was curious to find that I had extra vertabae in my tailbone. What a recovery time. I had fibro before this though. I only had one small flare after the surgery. However back in 2000 I had the first of two shoulder surgerys that were not sucessful and I suffered from chronic pain due to scar tissue. I think that is what set my fibro off. P