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    It is thought by many doctors and specialist, that Irritable Bowel Syndrome is caused by emotional/psychological coping problems. There is a government funded study taking place at Erie County Medical Center in conjunction with SUNY Buffalo that is intended to test and prove this theory. It involves one on one and group counseling sessions. Has anyone ever heard of this program anywhere else in the country? Has anyone taken part in the study, and did it help?
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    Wouldnt it be nice if.....irritable bowel, and fms and cfs, and a host of other ailments could be pegged on patients "inabilities" would save alot of research money, and doctor exertion.

    I believe irritable bowel, and fm/cfs, can certainly be exasperbated by emotional stresses......but the cause----nah!
    Thank goodness those with epilepsy still aren't believed to house demons.

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    If it is all in my head then maybe I can eat wheat and dairy again without blowing up like a baloon and powering the city power plant. Better yet just lock me in the same office for 8 hrs with this guy when I do indulge in spag. with cheese all over it. That will give him pause for other ideas.
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    I've had IBS for almost 40 years - since I was 14 years old. I didn't know what it was back then, and used to think my panty girdle was on too tight (lol). Years later I learned what it was. I don't believe it is CAUSED by your emotional state, but it can be EXACERBATED by your emotional state. Good feelings as well as bad feelings. For instance, when we lived overseas, we used to take a lot of trips. I would get so excited the night before a trip that I would get sick! Can you imagine? In recent years though, it has gotten much better and I don't get attacks as much as I used to. I think part of it is because I'm not as depressed and anxious as I used to be. So your emotions definitely play a part, but they did not cause the problem to be there in the first place!!!!

  5. hbic

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    My Rhuemy really wants me to take part in this study, as he feels if I can improve my "coping skills" then my symptoms of IBS, CFS, FMS, RLS, and postural hypotension will decrease if not cease all together. I say to him, You go through life everyday, the way we do, and tell me what happens to your coping skills. Day by day. Today I might be able to cope well with the fatigue and pain. Tommorrow I might be so fed up, I could scream. We'll see. I'm not real fond of the goup therapy idea. Makes me think of that old TV show "Dear John". A bunch of disfunctional societal rejects who get together once a week and never really deal with their personal problems. Thanks for the input.
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    To attend this himself after being given a big, nice warm, high, soapy enema.....attendence is mandatory....and see how he copes...geez! Karen
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    He says it's been proven effective in treatment of IBS and the purpose of the study is to further substantiate that, and test the theory on CFS and FMS. Thing is, the IBS is the very least of my problems. I have diareah, and constiption, abdominal pains, but the most dominate of my symptoms is the pain in my legs and the fatigue. I've never had to make emergency pit stops or I would lose control. I just get pains that don't last very long but are very intense. Apparently, my Rhuemy's son, his name in Calkins, is a leading Fibromyalgia research dr in this country, out of Florida. He might be the famous Hugh Calkins, but I'm not sure. My Rhuemy is a very wise old dr, and I was surprised that he was accepting of Fibromyalgia considering how long he has been in practice. It's been my experience that the older the Dr. the less likely he is to be informed of new found diseases and conditions and their treatment. The fact that his son is heavily involved in the research of this is what makes more likely to acknowledge it's reality. I am not "unwilling" to participate in this study, but at this moment, I guess, I am not "ready" for lack of better words. I understand that counseling is an important part of coping with any chronic condition and I believe that it will be benificial to my own ability to emotionally cope with the loss of my career goals and aspirations, cope with the reality that I can no longer do it all alone... But do I think that lack of adequate coping skills has caused all this... no. Not in the least. I really find that this board is theraputic in my most dark times. I don't like the idea of talking to someone who, while they may know what Fibromyalgia, IBS, CFS, RLS is and what it means physically for those who suffer, and may sympathize, maybe even empathize with what we must be going through, it is certainly not the same as talking with someone who lives it day to day. I will say though, that there are some who has the same condition as I do, but still cannot connect with my experiences. These people are close minded to begin with, and a touch narcissitic. They want to be alone in their experiences, trials and tribulations, and triumphs over it. It gives them a sense of superiority that they could over come it, and if they could and you can't then you must be somehow, not as sound as they are.