irritable bowel syndrome distention of the abdomen

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  1. slave

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    Hi, I suffer with ibs as well as cfs. Does anyone suffer with distention of the abdomen looking 7 months pregnant and if so have you found how to control it? People often say "bloating" but its more than that. I have to buy a size up in my clothes just to fit around my abdomen making the rest of me look baggy. Please help!
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    But I also have gastroparesis so I am not positive that it isn't the gastroparesis instead of the IBS. But I look pregnant almost all the time. It is so uncomfortable too. Pamela
  3. yuckie

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    I do have IBS, among other things. I used to have a terrible time with distention of the abdomen until I learned that there were some foods in my diet that I was extremely sensitive to. Once I removed those from my diet my IBS has been much better and the distention is under control. If I slip up and eat the wrong food (for me primarily wheat, eggs, dairy) the IBS flares with a vengence and the bloating begins. I had a blood test done to determine the foods I was sensitive to but you can also do an elimination diet, removing one family of foods at a time for a period of time to see if your symptoms abate. I hope this helps. Good luck and take care.
  4. Cromwell

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    Use activated charcoal(pure) or simethicone for bloating and terrible abdom pains. I have suffered for years till I was told about simethicone (Gas X) now my dox says activated charcoal is even better as it leaves no trace in the body, what goes in comes out.

    It has really really helped me beyond belief.

    Love Anne C
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    I look preggo when I am not. Some days I bloat up 3 sizes!! I hate things with waistbands, when one gets too tight everything flares up.

    I have had very little luck with dietary changes, but lots of luck with acidophilus (probiotic). I also use GasX and activated charcoal.

    Activated charcoal IS used when they pump your tummy. OTC doses will NOT make you vomit. It is very effective also.

  7. Cromwell

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    The stuff you take for gas pains is far far lower amount, it is not an emetic.

    Activated charcoal has been used for centuries for gas pains. Gas pains can be very debilitating for people who have unusual colons, as the gas gets trapped in loops. Even in people wiht normal colons, gas can get caught up, and can propduce terrible long lasting pains. Woman suffer more than men as any of you who live with a man will notifce they have little trouble "expressing themselves"
    (LOL) This is a lot to do wiht the fact that we have more stuff crammed into our abdominal cavity than males have.

    I use Simethicone, I get generic brand in bottle of 60 from one of the drug stores, or you can buy Gas X.

    It makes a huge difference. Reduces blaot and realy shifts those pains.

    Both work by absorbing gas, this is why charcoal works on absorbing odors and damp in the home, except it is working in the gut! Don't go eating the barbq grill stuff though!

    LOve Anne C