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  1. Marymc

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    I am wondering anyone else has suffered with IBS. I was diagnosed with Fibro 1 year ago and I have tried numerous prescriptions to help the IBS but they only work or a week or two and I am back in the bathroom for hours at a time throwing up and diarehah.

    My C-Reactive Protein has been raising for a year. It is 12.4 when it should be 4.0. My Doctor said it is due to the pain from Fibro plus asthma.

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions that I could try. I have used almost all of the over-the-counter products but so far nothing.
  2. pands45

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    I have suffered from IBS for a long time. But my symptoms are constipation mostly and cramping. To have the diahrea and vomiting like that has to be AWFUL. I was dxd with Fibro about 5 yrs. ago, and nothing I have taken has helped either. I am pretty tired of taking pills, so when my problem gets really bad, I drink caffiene. It is not a good solution but right now that is what I do. Hopefully someone out there has a much better ans. for you. I know I didnt help you much but I am on the same track as you . Sherri
  3. Marymc

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    Thank you for your answer. It is strange because I also have tried drinking more caffeine and it has helped somewhat. My Doctor feels that due to the Fibro my body chemistry changes so often that finding one medicine to help is going to be difficult.

    I guess I will just have to keep on tryin.

  4. I have been taking peppermint oil capsules (Colpermin) for IBS symptoms and I have found that this has helped.

  5. ssMarilyn

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    I have several books on FM here and each one says that cutting out processed foods improves or eliminates IBS. It just makes sense because look at what processed foods have done to us so far? We're the fattest and sickest nation in the world, a major embarrasment! Cut out anything that comes in a bag or box. Eat only fresh foods such as vegy's, fruit, meat, eggs, etc.... I bet you'll improve!

    Marilyn :)
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  6. dsames

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    Yes I know exactly how you feel. I am just getting over a 3 wk bout with horrific cramping and diarhea. Normally, I take Levsin when it gets that bad but this time it didn't work for me, so Dr. gave me a script for Bentyl which took about a week to work.
    I had a GI dr. tell me once that I should not eat fresh fruits and veggies. I think they are a good thing for those persons who are constipated.

    I had been on the Atkins diet and was so focused on losing wgt, that I totally forgot what the Dr. had told me about 3 years ago, and had two salads a day. I can't believe I did that. Anyhow the salads really messed me up.
    I put heat or ice packs on the tummy to help with the pain, and drink peppermint tea, or use the Altoids peppermint lozenges. Helps some.
    I hope you feel better soon. Take care.
  7. Marymc

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    I am going to get some pepermint tea tonight and try it. I really am getting desperate. I had another attack last night & it was terrible. I had contractions all night.

    I also was on the Atkins Diet but I have a problem digesting meat. Alot days I eat carrots only for lunch. When I am having a really bad spell I only drink liquids.

    I also was told by a friend that the Atkins Diet is basically for men and I am trying to eat some fresh fruit & veggies. I am going to try taking aloe vera pills--I just can not get used to the juice.

    Have a good day
  8. cindye

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    My daughater had this problem and she had different meds she tried - once she went on the gauifenisen her IBS went away along with a lot of other symptoms. She is rid of most of her pain - if we could just find something for the fatigue. Dr. St. Amand has a really good book about fibro and the guai protocol.
  9. franners

    franners New Member

    Anyone trying the new drug Zelnorm???
    It is one I am going to ask my doc about...
  10. babyblues68

    babyblues68 New Member

    I couldn't sit through a meal without hitting the bathroom.

    My gastro prescribed me Librax. This stuff is a Godsend. I take it twice a day. If I forget one the diarehah hits. So I have to be consistent with it.

    Also like said before do some research on you diet. Changing your diet can help too.

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  11. Lynda B.

    Lynda B. New Member

    I guess I don't understand it all. I have always had IBS. Even as a kid and grew up learning how to cope with this.

    But, I have never heard that the FMS pain causes IBS. I assume you mean the all over body pain we get. That is just weird to me.

    Are there a lot of people who did not have IBD before the FMS and if they have IBS afer diagnosed with FMS, I wonder if it is any meds they are taking.

    I am just on a learning curve here.

    Lynda B.
  12. babyblues68

    babyblues68 New Member

    I've had it since a child. Since the FM it has gotten full blown...really bad. My gastro said it is very common in people with FM.

  13. Iggy_RN

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    I went to a digestive disease disorders doc, and got a colonoscopy to rule out anything major. Dx'd w/IBS. I take Levinsex, i think thats how you spell it. Its an RX. He also told me to take citrucel or metamucil everyday, and that has helped me the most.... Take fiber everyday, have you been to the GI? Take care, and call the doc if you need to again and again til you get some relief. Blessings, Iggy
  14. ssMarilyn

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    Tell your friend that I said thank you for giving me my big chuckle of the day! I've been doing Atkins since the 70's, have all his books, read them from cover to cover over and over again, and nowhere, and I mean NOWHERE does he even remotely hint that his diet is for men. LOL!!!

    Marilyn :)
  15. ephemera

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    My specialist prescribed Zelnorm for me today. I pick up the prescription tomorrow after today's follow-up exam. This is my second doctor for my constipation problems.

    I've had an anal fissure for 6 months now & nothing has healed it. I've tried the analpram, fiber regime, nitroglycerine cream, sitz baths, Miralax, etc. Both docs agree that the fissure is a direct result of my impacted colon last fall & my 2 trips to the emergency room. Lots & lots of pain involved.

    She's also prescribed a marker test next week for 7 days with 3 days of x-rays. This is my last chance to avoid surgery. We've agreed to try this before considering what are the surgery options. Will let you know how things go.

    best thoughts to all.
  16. Annette2

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    Hi Mary. Sorry you're suffering. I've had IBS since I was 14 years old (I'm 52 now). I find that STRESS makes my IBS worse. Dealing with stress and keeping it to a minimum really helps. I also found that by cutting out bread, cereal, bagels, etc. stops the IBS. I have a wheat/yeast intolerance. It bloats me and makes the symptoms worse. Try cutting out certain foods for a few days and see how you feel. Have you had a colonoscopy? A gastroenerologist can help you with these symptoms. I hope you find some good answers soon - I know how horrible IBS is. Good luck!

  17. Marymc

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    I am sorry if I upset you, maybe I did not make myself clear. Two of my friends said that they had a problem with the Atkin's Diet because their systems do not digest meat very well. I can say that I have limited my meat intake also because of my IBS. I also found that I am algeric to a number of foods and must be very careful. There are many days I eat carrots and that is it for lunch and I have sugar-free jello for supper. I am lucky because my husband and daughter are very understanding. My IBS seems to be getting worse no matter what I do.

    I am glad to the Atkin's diet has worked for you. My sister's son-in-law swears by it. It has been a life saver for him.
  18. sierrasioux

    sierrasioux New Member

    Achey---What all is involved with the gastric emptying test?
    Have you had your gallbladder removed? Have you had an endoscopy?
    I have also had the ibs symptons over 20 years. I thought after I had my gallbladder removed 13 years ago that I would stop having alot of problems from the gallstones, but I still have the attacks off and on and vomit. That is why I am asking you about the gallbladder.
    The reflux is so bad and I have taken all the meds for it, but none seem to help.
    I had the endoscopy again 2 years ago and the gastro dr said that my stomach was very inflamed, but to see if I still have stones in the bile duct I have to have an ERCP-well, I moved and I don't have a gastroenterologist here yet.So, just wondering if what you have is connected with any of these problems I have. I will do a search and read about gastroparsis. I haven't heard of that before.

    Ephemera---I want to ask you some questions, but I need to get off the computer and cook now. I also use miralax.And have seen a colon/rectal dr for years. When I get on here later I will post to you on this same thread-ok?
  19. sierrasioux

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    are you two here now?
  20. Dara

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    for many years. The first time I had a lower GI for the bowel problems I was a freshman in High School, well over 40 years ago. I now take Bentyl for the IBS, I don't think the FM meds have anything to do with the IBS, but I do believe the two syndromes go together.

    When I read the post from "Sha6058" (Barbara), I finally read a post that describes exactly the same problems I have with IBS. Most have posted the problem with either constipation or diharrea, but I, like Barbara, have both and not to be too descriptive here, but both in the same "sitting". There are times I am in the bathroom for two to three hours, first with the constipation, very painful, and I pray for the diharrea to start. Once it starts, the pain goes away.

    I also can not eat salads, dairy products, sweets, any foods with preservatives in them. Going out to eat is a gamble for me. Sometimes I can do it and I'm fine, other times it's just not worth the pain I suffer from later.

    The Bentyl does work, but since I have the constipation first I have to be careful that it doesn't cause a blockage. The best thing I have ever used is a suppository by Dulcolax. It works almost instantly for me, better than any fiber or anything else. Not the Dulcolax pills, they make me cramp to the point of passing out and nausea, but the suppositories work wonders. I know we're all different, but just thought I'd post as to what works for me.