irritable bowel syndrome?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by GinnyB, Nov 25, 2005.

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    I've had terrible diarrhea for 3 weeks now. The doctors said it's from my fibromyalgia and ordered stool tests. The results came back negative for infection, and the doctors diidn't order any meds. They'd talked about antibiotics earlier, said the wrong one could make the diarrhea worse. So I'm going to ask if they don't have a general antiobiotic that helps almost everything that they could try me on. But I'm wondering if anyone else has ever heard about irritable bowel syndrome's (I'm assuming that's my problem since it caused by fibro) being caused by a virus? Or is fibro caused by a virus? Or do I need new doctors? Or does fibro need more research?

    I'm puzzled, but then I am always am.

  2. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    Because no one knows the answers to all that yet.

    It may be IBS, which is something else they don't really know about, but it's the label you get if you have unprovable GI symptoms.

    Could be food sensitivities. Coffee and dairy products can be big culprits for diarrhea, as can MSG which is in many processed foods. Taking those out of your diet may see some results. lactose intolerance alone can cause those symptoms.

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    Yea,...many times we with Fibro and or CF get IBS along with the illness.
    I have it and have had hard times for yrs and yrs.

    Mine is diareah type too,
    cause some people have more trouble with constipation. When mine acts up I go to the bathroom 6 times a day!! or more.
    I did eliminate dairy and found it helped a lil bit but not much.
    Some are helped alot by taking a good probiotic(which kinda feeds your digestive tract with good flora/bacteria) A brand by Jarro is very good.

    Did they do any testing such as a colonoscopy to rule out other more serious things yet?
    Usually its when all other serious colon disorders are ruled out they say you have Irritible bowel or spastic colon. Its tough to say what could be a trigger for it.
    You might try keeping a food intake journal and see what foods make it worse for you.
    I hope your feeling better soon.
    Take care :)
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    Do you have a fever? Any mouth sores or body sores or trouble with your eyes? I was dx'd with Crohn's Disease recently after over a year of misery and not knowing what was wrong with me. I would have these diarrhea episodes that would go on an on. Not to scare ya the last one nearly killed me, put me in hospital 5 days, they did colonoscopy and found Crohn's.

    Doctor said a lot of the FM symptoms might of been actually from Crohn's - the pain and fatigue is very similar.

    So I would ask about being tested for Crohn's. Please drink a lot of water and some Gatorade too if you can stand it, don't get dehydrated, and get the dr. to listen to you. I let it go on way too long.

    Good luck and ((((((hugs))))) to ya,
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    I have IBS and have had it for a very long time.At first it caused alot of bloating and I couldn't use the bathroom.Now it cause diahera mostly.I never know what will cause my stoamch to get bloated after eating.It seems everything upsets my stomach now a days.There is meds. out there to treat it.Maybe you need to go see a gastro. dr.When I can't go I load up on fiber pills and when it gets to be too much going I back off of spicey foods,choclate,caffine.
    I hope you get better.