Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kimfibro, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. kimfibro

    kimfibro New Member

    How many of you have been diagnosed with this?

    And what are you taking; whether prescribed or otc?

    I've got to go back to see my pcp because for the past 2 months I do believe I can add that to my list of ailments!

    A friend of mine says she's had it for years and only takes something otc to treat it. But I've been noticing more and more postings in drs offices about being 'treated' for it...
  2. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    Certainly early teens when it started. Family trait! Some people have IBS with constipation, others have it with diarrhea. For 30 years I had the diarrhea end of things (pardon the pun).

    I've never taken anything other than OTC antidiarrheals when it got really bad. I had all the usual tests and everything was negative. My mother uses low dose tranquilizer to control hers.

    Wish I had more suggestions.


  3. kimfibro

    kimfibro New Member

    not constipation. but with the diahrrea i have excrutiating pains sometimes.

    the pains begin and last quite a while. that's why i'm concerned that otc just won't be enough help.

    hopefully my pcp will prescribe something cuz that kind of pain on top of fm flares is bordering on unbearable.

    you don't have a lot of pain?? if not, lucky lucky you!

    have a good day
  4. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    I'd sometimes get excruciating pain. Sometimes to the point of vomiting. I still get pain, but I think since I've had FM, the pain doesn't seem so intense. I think the FM has caused this desensitization.

    I've burned myself numerous times cooking and I don't feel pain like I used to. Hurts for a second and then it's gone.

    I don't think that's a good thing though.

    PS...Just another sister and my husband both have crohn's disease. The only sure fire way to check what type of bowel condition you have is a colonoscopy. If you haven't had one, I'd talk to you Dr. about it.

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  5. matn

    matn New Member

    I removed all the potential toxins (including food groups that are recommended as haelthy) and my IBS and other CFS went away. IBS is caused by something and that something may very well be what we consume (see my profile).
  6. mamaeagle0103

    mamaeagle0103 New Member

    Yes, the severe cramping and pain, alternating between constipation and diarrhea, all just been a part of my life. I do watch for things that make it worse and I take fiber, don't know why, usually doesn't help the constipation. As far as being able to cure my IBS, I have tried just about everything, yet here it is. I am so happy for people that have found their cure. I am now 35 and with everything I have cut or added to my diet the past 22 years I wish I also could have found a cure. Real similar to all the things I have done trying to find a "cure" for my FM and CMP. I do what I can to control the pain and symptoms. I rarely take anti-diarrheal meds because it is usually stuff that needs to run its course, especially if I have been constipated for several days. Anyhoo, my two cents.
    I'm sorry but it really offends me that someone in a support group for a disease that most normies do not even believe we have (FM, CMP, CFS, etc.) Believing it is a figment of our immagination, would discredit someone by saying that true IBS is an insane bull#*&# diagnosis. How many times have we ALL heard that exact term and other forms of it regarding FM, CMP, CFS, etc. To hear it from someone at the one place we should feel SAFE to share our problems, is really harsh. Yes, there are things that can aggrivate the symptoms and those things can be watched for, but for some of us this "insane bull#*&#" disease does not just go away because we change our eating habits. I have ended up in the hospital with bowel impaction and that happened while I was doing everything I knew to do to keep me regular. Probably making some enemies here, but I was very hurt by that comment.[This Message was Edited on 04/13/2006]
  7. fifthofanickel

    fifthofanickel New Member

    I take probiotic acidopholus, grapeseed extract & fish oil softgels. This seems to keep things under control for me. Tho' any bouncing type activity, ie; riding over bumpy roads, walking, long car trips, even bending over causes abdominal pain, & not really pain, a pressure in my lower abdoman.

    It feels like there is a bowling ball sitting there. Then I have to completely stretch out on the recliner or bed & wait for it to pass..

    I also do chiropractor & massage therapy twice a month, & that seems to keep things "moving along"...It's a crazy dd mixed in w/all the others.

    Hope some of this helps..
    Hugs & Blessings;
  8. mary124

    mary124 New Member

    for as long as I can remember. For the last 2 months I have either had pains, or "D" really bad, lost 10 lbs in March alone. Doctor thought it was my IBS but he isn't quite sure, so he sent me to a GI doc. who ran some blood test, which came back negative, he mentioned a colonoscopy next so I just have to wait and see.
  9. kalley167

    kalley167 New Member

    the "D" side. Terrible pains and it can hit me out of the blue. Very embarassing when you are spending so much time in the bathroom. I only take otc Imodium, I carry it in my purse because I never know. I have been kept awake during the night sitting on the toilet. I hate it. I believe part of my weight loss is because of it, but you would think I would be so tiny by now as much as I go LOL !
  10. kimfibro

    kimfibro New Member

    yes, the awful PAIN. sitting in the bathroom, doubled over hoping to wake up from the nightmare of it!

    have you ever been diagnosed? i can't seem to understand how otc immodium could be all that worthy. but, ya know,
    i've heard it more and more that people that have IBS do take otc meds.

    i'm interested in knowing what is offered by prescription because as i mentioned i've seen posters lately telling you that "treatment" is available.

    embarrassment here too. i went to a casino (my first time!!) with a friend a month ago. that morning before we left i had a lengthy, bad bout and figured i was over it.
    no, not the case. as we were walking all around, and she was showing me around, the 'attacks' happened 3 more times.

    she's a good person and friend so all she was was concerned. it was an absolute painfilled "trauma", really.

    hope you have a painfree weekend!
  11. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    My Dr gave me this for my IBD (D). At the time, I didn't want to take any more pills because I was on so many.

    I've never tried it but he said it was new (a couple of years ago) for the treatment of IBS.

    You may want to look it up.

    Happy Easter

  12. mars_xmu

    mars_xmu New Member

    I cured it via diet: not wheat or dairy products, also found colon cleanse was very effective. If possible avoid meds as they will not get to the root of the problem.
  13. kalley167

    kalley167 New Member

    The imodium doesn't always stop it but I think it shortens the episode. I hate the sudden onset. My husband and I show a classic car so its not real fun when it starts there. I try and not eat to much while we are out that also seems to help. But then suddenly it happens again. I have never asked for any meds for it from the doctor. She diagnosed me with it and never even offered any meds for it. I really don't need to take anymore if I can get by.
    Let me know what the doctor gives you and if it works. It would be nice to not have it anymore.

  14. kimfibro

    kimfibro New Member

    Prior to my pcp appt i will go and get some immodium.

    Willing to try but like i said not so sure it's going to cut through the pain attacks that occur and linger...

    I am all for avoiding further prescribed meds too and just was very curious as to what your experiences are and what has worked and hasn't. it's certainly all trial and error!

    Where else could we talk about "the Big D"??? hahahahahaha

  15. fairydust39

    fairydust39 New Member

    The best thing u can do is,take Psyllium everyday. That will regulate your bowel movements. If they are too loose or if you are constipated, it works. "Konsyl" bought at Wal-Mart works real well. Mix it in your favorite juice and drink immediately before it thickens. What it does is make bulk in your bowels and makes them move more naturally. It will cure bowel problems.Then you can cut back to once every other day.
  16. BronzeWomn

    BronzeWomn New Member

    I take immodium works for me for the D. I have a new med for to prevent constipation. I can't think of the nameof it..but u can email me and i will give it to u..Glycol something. I can't take alot of it..or it will have me running off. I hope this helps. Be blessed.
  17. catmom50

    catmom50 New Member

    I have had IBS-severe diarrhea type for a couple years now. Had a couple colonoscopies, numerous stool tests, plus lots of other tests, the gastros could not come up with a reason,other than I get myself worked up easily (nervous). They had me try many many RX meds, but the symptoms didn't get better and with a couple the symptoms got worse. Now I have learned to keep a big box of Imodium onthe shelf, with a few in my purse. On those days I get up feeling like I will spend hours in the bathroom, I pop a couple of Imodium and at least for me, I can get on with my daily routine.
    Now I am going for my first visit with a specialist to possibly diagnose me with FM, because of some really bad pain and very very tender points, dry eyes, and dizziness, and I am seeing here on this forum and other places, that IBS is a symptom of MF. Hmmm, maybe that's what the problems been all along?
  18. slowdreamer

    slowdreamer New Member

    I keep this undercontrol by avoiding food allergens and preservatives.At the moment since getting gastro it is especially restrictive in terms of what I eat.
    Some foods are antiinflammatory for me e.g.
    apple and carrot juice,
    lentils legumes and rice
    paw paw
    I take good probiotics,( OMX) Betaine HCL, and natural (food based) digestive enzymes.
    My biggest problem you might say is saying no when people wish to give me their food.It does pose a social challenge and sometimes I feel like a baboon in a cage chomping on my special food.

  19. Casamadre5

    Casamadre5 Member

    I use ginger capsules daily....amazing help

    After reading the common issues of diarhhea, coconut macaroon cookies- or just the coconut will help to bind quickly.[This Message was Edited on 04/15/2006]
  20. joy1940

    joy1940 New Member

    After years of IBS, with D, nd taking many bottles of Fibercon, as recommended by my Dr., I saw an article in Prevention Magazine that said to take flaxseed oil to control diarrhea. I started taking 2 - 1000 mg pills a day.
    It took a couple of weeks, but I began to have good results, which have continued. I now take only 1 pill a day, and rarely have a bout of diarrhea.
    I believe the article was in the magazine about 2 - 3 years ago if you'd want to research it. Hope this helps others as much as it's helped me.

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