Irritable, Crying a lot- would like some input

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    I started on a limited diet about a month ago because I was noticing certain things made me feel bad physically and also made me feel really anxious. After doing a good amount of research, I realized that I was eating things that was feeding the yeast, and yesterday I cut out everything that I'm supposed to and have made a few meals using coconut oil and garlic. It has made me feel extremely sick, emotional, I have had piercing headaches and can barely walk around because I'm so dizzy.

    Also, I haven't had any alcohol in 4 weeks but can't stand the thought of being in social situations because everyone else will be eating things that I can't and consuming alcohol. It has made me isolate myself and feel very depressed. I cannot imagine attending Thanksgiving dinner or even attending a cruise that I am scheduled to go on in December because it causes me too much distress to be around it. Is this a normal part of the process? Or have I completely lost it. It's making me feel like a food-craved alcoholic and it's very lonely. I also have been getting into fights with my boyfriend because he will eat things that I can't have right next to me or will go out and drink heavily with our friends. This sickness is not his fault, so how do I get that through my head and stop being so angry and upset?

    Can anyone else relate to this or am I just a wacko. I'm just feeling so scared and alone and don't really know what to do :(