Irritated at Today Show re Steven Cojocaru (not fibro related)

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  1. JLH

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    Do any of you know who Steven Cojocaru is? He WAS a regular on The Today Show, as a fashion expert.

    He is really quirky, cute, entertaining, and I always enjoyed listening to what he had to say.

    Well, he became ill recently and had to have a kidney transplant. His best friend's kidney happen to be a perfect match, and she donated her kidney to him.

    They both were on Oprah today. He told his story about his transplant and the fact that The Today Show FIRED him just because he told them that he planned to go on Oprah, AFTER he went on Today and told his story. Well, since his segment on Today could have only been a few minutes, and he was going to be on Oprah for the entire show (it ended up only for 45 min.), they did not want the competition, and fired him!

    This just makes me furious at NBC for doing this to a PERSON. He lost his job because he was going to go on another show in addition to Today. Get real! I know the ratings game and the whole bit, but they should have looked at his being on Oprah as more advertising for Today!

    Anyway, I just went to and found the Today show, and finally got to the "contact us" and the bottom of the page, and sent them an email on just how I felt.

    I also mentioned to them that I always watched Today, even though I detested Katie Couric and her smug attitude, but now I'm switching to Good Morning America!!

    Just wanted to vent -- my TV shows are really important to me! I'm not able to do much, so I watch a lot of TV, and I guess I get too involved in it!! LOL
  2. Bruin63

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    Glad someone else thinks she's smug.
    You would think that she would understand, after what she went through with her Husband, that it's important to talk about these Sucessful Transplants so others will know what a Blessing they are to someone who is in Dire need.

    Thanks for venting, I fell better too now,
  3. ckahele

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    he's even more obnoxious than katie. they both act like they have silver spoons inserted you know where. i also like diane sawyer and it's obvious that she really likes and respects her co-workers.
  4. neen85

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    They don't deserve him!!! I know he was hurt,though. Now,I was thinkiing,if Oprah put Cojo on with his health problems on maybe he will put me and my lyme disease/cfs on....this is the 2nd time my kidneys have started to shut down.

    The naturopath says the right one is barely working. I can't imagine how he was functioning,as I have been on the couch for 3 months now! I am so glad he was able to come on Oprah and tell his story and am proud that a celebrity like him wants to get the word out about transplants. What a neat person! Daneen
  5. Tigger57

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    I was devastated to hear about him being ill. I never knew what happened, just that he was gone from the Today show. I so wanted to see that interview, but with fibro flaring.... I slept through it.

    It's so not fair. I love Cojo.

  6. Mikie

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    We don't know the whole story. He may have had an exclusive contract with NBC. I still don't think they should have gotten rid of him, but I do know that in show biz, they really enforce the contracts because if they didn't, everyone would break them. Again, I don't know that he did have an exclusive contract, but it's a possibility.

    I am not a Katie lover. I saw the other side of her when Oprah did a complete makeover show years ago on assistants to celebrities. Katie was connected by phone on the Oprah show and she was totally obnoxious. She is so self-centered that she couldn't even let her humble asst. have the limelight for a few minutes. At one point, all those on the Today show supposedly went to the management and said if they didn't do something about the way she treats people, they were going to leave.

    I've watched the Today Show since I was a little girl and Dave Garroway and J. Fred Muggs, the chimp, were on there. I remember when Barbara Walters was young and had brown hair. She was what they called a "Today Show Girl." I've had such loyalty to the Today Show for so many years, but I find that anymore, the show is basically a piece of fluff. NBC uses it to promote all their prime time shows.

    I am finding myself tuning into other morning shows. I am not a FOX news network fan, but their morning show is sometimes a hoot.

    I am just glad Cojo is doing so well. Too bad he will not be on the Today Show, but he is so talented that he will continue working. I would rather see him than Starr Jones on the red carpet.

    Love, Mikie
  7. IndianPrincess

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    Remember Robert Urich?

    His 'Lazarus Man' was renewed for a second season. Two weeks before the start of taping the show, Robert Urich told Ted Turner he was just diagnosed with cancer.

    Ted Turner cancelled the show but Bob continued to work hosting 'Vital Signs' and 'National Geographic Explored' for which he won an EMMY.

    Hollywood discriminates as much as any other employer!

  8. justlooking

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    I think is another example of corporate america greed. They expect their "employees" to be loyal but don't extend the same respect. If NBC had any loyalty to him they would have allowed him to tell his story to promote organ donation on both their own network and other networks. I believe it would have benefited them in the long run. I think this will come back and bite them in the butt!

    I think Cojo should thank his lucky stars to be out of his contract with them and continue his success with the other shows and magazines he does work with.

    I would bet money had the story had a tragic ending NBC would have used it to their ratings benefit..... Exclusive story by the network who employed him!!!

    Too bad they can't use the good ending the same way. I guess only tragedy sells stories.
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  9. Empower

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    I am a Good Morning America girl and will stay that way!!!
    I just saw in the tabloids that Matt Lauer's wife dumped him after cheating on her

  10. ksp56

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    It was on the news this week, that they fired the producer due to GMA gaining ground on them! Too bad......... HA

    I don't care for Katie, never have. Could not stand Brian Gumble.... Gee whatever DID happen to him????????? Matt Lauer has never kept me glued to their show. I'll take the other 2 broadcasting channels any day.

    I like Cojo, on most days! LOL Too bad so many 'high power exec's' have the same mentality as a blade of grass.

    Like Mikie, I liked the Today show back in the 'olden days!'


    As a last thought. I am really surprised that Oprah asked him on the show. She hasn't exactly set the gold standard for caring attitudes, towards those with most illness'.
  11. ldbgcoleman

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    I saw an interview with kathleen Turner and she has had debilitating Rheumatoid Arthritis for years she said she had to keep it a secret in Hollywood because she was afraid she wouldnot get hired. maybe this is part of the reason a celebrity would be hesitant to come out and admit they have and support FM the stigma and possible loss of jobs. Just a thought! I havea three year old and I watch sesame street. JK Lynn
  12. ceili

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    He is supposed to be a professional and if his contract/alliance is with Today..........going to Oprah was a slap in the face and embarrassing to the show. It is a competing network. :rolleyes:

    It's a matter of ethics..........and integrity to which I hold true in my life.

    But, doesn't matter (no mada?)....he was looking for media attention and I guess he got it and will milk it for more attention.

    But again, this is my opinion only. :)
  13. I did see the Oprah show with him on it, he looks wonderful. But I think it's horrible they fired him, as he stated he agreed to do the morning show first, then go on Oprah to help others. What a network that would do that. I am not a katie or Matt fan, and I detested B. Gumbel as I thought he was very arrogant. I love GOOD MORNING AMERICA with Diane and Charlie! I think I will send them a email also. That is horrible what they did to cojo, he is so cool!
  14. JLH

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    to see that a lot of other people detest Katie .. and Matt!

    I'm with everyone else, too, about Bryant Gumble ... he was soooooo very arrogant. He wasn't dumped by NBC ... he "thought" he was moving on to greener pastures! Guess he got fooled! Where is he today? I haven't the slightest clue! That tells you how much we wanted to watch him!! LOL

    From what I've read about Cojo, he didn't have an exclusive contract with NBC, but then you can't believe all that you read.

    I didn't know that Matt's wife had left him, either.

    Didn't Katie just sign a $6 million 3-yr. contract with NBC for the Today Show? Or, was that the last contract? Whatever ...... it's about $5.9 million too much!!! LOL

    P.S. I enjoyed GMA this morning!!! LOL
  15. IntuneJune

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    Well the Today Show put in a downward spiral this morning, I usually don't put the tv on that early, I was just trying to take my mind off of other things, when the "helicopter shot down story" info came out-----See my other thread please..... Helicopter is in the title.

    Fondly, June
  16. ladybird1

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    I saw a few minutes of Cojo on Oprah yesterday. He really
    looks vibrant and healthy since his transplant.
  17. cjcookie

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    what would they do to a Ford executive that was driving a Chevrolet? He probably has an exclusive contract and going to another network was definitely a big no no. I would imagine he knew the consequences and decided it would be a huge boost for him to get fired for this reason. He had to know what would happen.
  18. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    I'm not a morning person, so I had no idea he had any morning show. But I love him doing red carpet coverage and ET snippets. I wan'ted to catch that Opera episode w/ him on it, but we had the Aunt Pauline hospital vigil. I saw the adverts though, and he looks like he had a little nip/tuck w/ his other surgeries. That's Hollywood.

  19. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    about illnesses. I've kind of noticed that too. Her shtick is definitely the emotional side, and disaster and accident victims. I think she does alot of good, but it does bug me a bit when she brings out some accident victim w/ a survival story who overcame and the audience is giving hte person a standing O. And I'm thinking, that person's ordeal is over, what about ours. Who is championing us for not offing ourselves on a daily basis.

    She has covered environmental diseases though, MCS, and I think CFS was in there too. She found it an interesting and baffling illness. I remember some of the people she had on w/ those dx's were explaining to her about their cognitive impairment and how they lost their train of thought over any little distraction or interuption. She laughed a bit, made a cute little Oprah joke in her "sister voice", but actually stopped her chronic interupting for awhile, so they could try and get their story out.

    She covered a story about parenting I think, and it was just a sideline that the mother happened to have FM. It wasn't the focus though. I was very taken aback at her attitude to that poor young mother of young children. It wasn't that Oprah din't believe her, or made it out to be in her head or anything, she was just really sharp and scolded her. Oprah kind of barked at her, "You have to take care of that child's mother". She made FM out to be a disease of neglect, like someone purposefully lets it happen, or so it seemed to me.

  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    She was surprised at how little the locals thought of Opera. She is evidently a bit of a diva herself. Guests have complained tha they were shuttled into the green room and she never talked to them except when the cameras were rolling. Once they stopped rolling the guests were hustled away from her. It was as though they were only useful for her purposes and that she didn't really care about them or connect with them.

    I think she is a bit of a grand stander but on the other hand, she has done a lot of good with her money. Like many who come into a lot of money, she does like to brag about being rich as though that were a worthy accomplishment by itself.

    When Barbata Walters interviewed her, Opera told her she always knew she was born for greatness. Huh? When did having a successful talk show equal greatness? I think that statement alone pretty much sums up her persona.

    Love, Mikie