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    In 2004 our daughter was in a horrific auto accident, which resulted in a TON of medical. We received a letter from the IRS yesterday stating that they're "examining" our records for 2004. Last year my husband had an aneurysm and I didn't keep up with my filing as well as I should have. Then this year, I've been sick. Please pray that I can find all my receipts so I can get this in the mail to them by the 16th. I know this is probably a silly request, but I'm honestly scared to death of the IRS.
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    Nothing silly about this request at all. They (IRS) can be nasty to deal with. Stay polite and friendly with them, but do not give into there scare tactics, and bullying.

    We owed some back taxes this year, that we were unaware of, some of those letters they sent were pretty scarey!

    We called and asked alot of question, and got the amount they wanted reduced. We feel very fortunate, we also paid them what we owed immediatly, because we wanted these people out of our life!

    Sending prayer for you and this stressfull situation.
    Asking God to give you someone nice to deal with (if you find someone reasonable to deal with, get there name,and stick to that person, that's what we did) and that you would find the info. that you need.

    God Bless!
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    Well, I got all the receipts I could get. My daughter is over 18 so they wouldn't give me her information. We owe them $3500 (that includes a $500 penalty) and will be sending it to them this week. They wouldn't reduce any of the amount we owe. I'm hoping they decide to audit us for 2005. If they do...they'll owe us money because I found receipts I didn't claim! Honestly, I hope they just leave us alone from here on out. Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes.
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    Our problems are relevant to our own situations. Please always feel free to ask for prayer here and never think anything is silly. In my years as a teacher I always told my students there is no such thing as a dumb question. There is also no such thing as a silly request.

    My prayers are with you in this time of stress and unknown.
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    I agree with Asa - please always feel free to come here for any and every kind of prayer. Anything that affects us is important in God's eyes.

    So very glad you found the receipts, and were able to pay!

    Blessings and love to you,