Is a vitamin/mineral deficiency increasing your pain, brain fog, sleep and more?

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    Hi everyone!

    One of the things many people with CFS/ME and FM have going on as an underlying (and untreated) issue is a lack in specific vitamins and minerals. Here is an example - magnesium are the symptoms:

    hmm...muscles, sleep problems, pain...sound familiar?

    Here is also an excellent article by ProHealth

    I am curious if any of you are taking magnesium (and in particular) magnesium the malic acid coats nerve endings and muscles.

    For me, I found that it has definitely helped with my sleep - in fact, I am sleeping through the night instead of waking on average 14x. Brain fog reduced. More energy. And I think it has possibly helped me with anxiety as well.

    How about you?

    Be well. Wishing you all a low pain and fatigue day.

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    I remember reading years and years ago how foods and in particular produce, is not providing the minerals and vitamins they used to do 50 years ago...because the soil has been so depleted over time and of course, pesticides for stuff that isn't organic. I think it is great if you can afford organic and have a varied diet...sadly, the people that really need this food due to ill health in particular are not always in a financial position to buy healthy fresh, clean foods.

    A couple of years ago we were on a low GI food plan. I remember being at the checkout in the grocery store and we had a small trolley, not even filled, with fresh meat, veg, fruit, whole grains etc. The people in front of us had a HUGE and overflowing trolley - filled with crap....but had a family to feed and most likely on a very tight budget.

    Well, their bill came to something like £40...ours came to £110!

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    have you ever tried nootropics ?