Is acupuncture covered by BCBS? Provider is in network. Help!

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    I admit to not being the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to insurance, as I have Medicare and BCBS. I looked up our BCBS on my husband's employee portal and it listed Dr. Muller as being a preferred provider and gave me a National Provider ID. But when I called BCBS, they said they don't cover acupuncture! Did I miss something here? Why would a doctor be a preferred provider if the service isn't covered? I am SO confused! Should I go and submit the forms anyway, and see what happens? Or just be resigned that I have to pay 100%. Where's House when I need him? lol!
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    I believe Jam gets her acupuncture under medicare HOWEVER it has to go under "physical therapy treatment". My Aetna covers it under physical therapy however come january it's not covered under my new insurance, United.
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    medicare (I'm striaght medicare, no HMO, etc.) I pay all my own copays....her receipt says electrical needle stimulation. My office visit and needle stimulation costs me $27.....what it will be next year, I don't know, but hope it's not much more. My rheumy believes medicare will allow $3800 in charges for 2013 vs $1880 from this year. That will be good and a nice increase in benefits.... There are benefits to being 65+.....

    I believe my rheumy ends up making $77 per session, this work is time consuming and I'm in her office for about 40 minutes. [This Message was Edited on 12/07/2012]