Is ambien ok with the pain patch???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JaciBart, Mar 16, 2003.

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    My hubby is concerned cuz the ambien I take every night makes me druggy. He thinks it is a no no, on the list of cautions that came with the fentanyl patch it says to "watch that" , well, I told him don't worry about it. Well, he is. I take 10 mgs per night and I tried 5 mgs but I cannot get to sleep on 5 mgs. The 10 mgs really puts me out with the pain patch, I am not too concerned about it but Scott is.

  2. ephemera

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    Yes, I'm on Ambien & the pain on my worst nights forces me to use the Lidoderm pain patches along with Neurontin. No problem in using them together. The nights I have the worst pain are those I hardly sleep. Patches on shoulders or back & heating pad on low for the chest or hips offers minimal relief. These nights are also the worst in terms of light & noise sensitivity.

    Everything snowballs.

    Hope you find some relief.

    Best thoughts,
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    Jaci, I was already taking 5-10 mgs. of Ambien when my doc prescribed the Duragesic (fentanyl) patch. After noticing the Rx insert said something about being careful with CNS depressors, I talked to my pharmacist and asked him if he was SURE it was OK to use both of these meds at the same time. He assured me it was safe, and that if anything I might sleep better (which I was glad to hear!).

    If Scott still isn't entirely convinced, maybe you could suggest to him that he give your pharmacist a call to set his mind at ease. I think it's sweet that your hubby is watching out for you.

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    he does treat FM and CFS and presribes narcotics so he's not one of "those" doctors. Even he was surprised when he heard the combination of things I take for my
    varied FM symptoms. I have asthma so
    just about everything has warnings
    about breathing problems with the meds..but they have not changed my
    breathing capacity at all. Each thing
    I take is contraindicated with the
    next..but for me they work and that is the bottom line. I think with FMers can toss the inserts on most things because we are truly an odd ball group of what works and what meds we can tolerate in conjunction
    with others that would knock "normals" down and out. Hugs, Bambi