is anybody on biodentical hormones?

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    I saw my new doctor two days ago to get the lab results. Apparently I have zippo/nada hormones so she's convinced me to get on these. Also she gave me a spray I'm supposed to use twice a day that will help my own body make human growth hormone. And my throid is fine. By the way, I'm 68 and had my last period at 40.

    This doctor specializes in FM/arthritis, aging, etc. and said that hormones greatly affect muscle pain, fatigue, skin aging, etc. I know I've read this in several Suzanne Somers books.
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    I have been on bioidentical hormones for 3 years. They have helped me alot.

    I had testing first, then my Lyme literate MD prescribed them.

    Within 2 weeks of starting them, I started to sleep better and had less fatigue.

    That seemed like a miracle since my insomnia had gotten so bad that I could not fall asleep or stay asleep.

    Over a period of several months, my sleep kept improving and my fatigue and brain fog disappeared.

    I take oral progesterone and DHEA, and use topical estrogen and testosterone.