Is anyone afraid to go to a different doctor because......

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  1. RedB

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    because you have actually reached a point of being a bit better with the medicines your current doc has given you, and you are terribly afraid that another doc will take them away from you?

    I know this sounds crazy. I get around a lot better than some of you. With the Neurontin I am now taking, in addition to Ativan and Flexeril, my neuropathy is better, even though I am still in quite a bit of pain.

    I was just reading the post from the Grand Rapids people who are going to homeopath/chiropractors who are helping them. I am 2 hours away from Grand Rapids, and would love to have someone make me feel better. Although I have improved somewhat, I am still very much in pain and crash hard from the hard things I do.

    But, I went to a different doctor once, and he immediately wanted to take my Ativan away. I didn't go back. I take only a very low dosage, and that and my Flexeril give me a good night's sleep that I don't want to give up! Whenever I don't take them, I sleep well for a few hours, and then do this weird thing where I just keep waking up. A lot! I can get back to sleep, but only to wake up again. I do this for the rest of the night, and I'm pooped the next day. I have no idea how often I awaken, because I am so in and out of sleep all night, but it feels like it is dozens of times. It is extremely draining.

    When I see how many people struggle to get a decent combination of pills to help them sleep, I am so afraid to lose what I have. Is this unreasonable of me? I was lucky enough to fall onto this combo 6 years ago when I was first diagnosed, and it has worked well. This was NOT without having tried several anti-depressants first, AND Melatonin, and others..... I really would like someone to help make my body well, but not by taking away my sleep meds.

    My Doc is a good guy, but we're only covering up the things that are wrong, and not really improving them. But I am afraid of what a new doctor will do.

    Does anyone else struggle with this?

    EZBRUZR New Member

    I have ,well shall we say not good DR.He makes me suffer pain alot,finally told me to see Rheumy,when I asked him 4 a good 1 he had none.He has probably *covering* things that should be treated.Now ,with all that in mind, I have been hesiting finding a different DR,JUst Cause I'm comfortable! (Messed in head?).Many people here have mentioned better treatment from different types of DR's.Klutzo ,jelly belly,madwolf,THEY R good at questions like that.many others 2 of course.Hope You Find what you need. Peace,ez
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    I'm embarrassed to tell you how much I dread having a Dr. leave or retire. I had a Dr who was skilled in CFS/FM and when he retired I was lost. Several Drs have left or retired since then and each time I hate to face the inevitable doubts fron new Drs. about estrogen and pain meds.

    There are only certain drugs that I can tolerate. I know there are others that are newer etc. etc. And as for antihistamines. I have the most horrendous halucinations from all that I have tried. Eventually I start convulsing and that's the name of that game folks.

    I know it's a continual worry and it's frustrating because there is help out there but trying to find it seems hopeless. I usually go to a new Dr. kicking and screaming...well perhaps not literally but almost. It helps to take your records with you when you see a new Dr. The latest ones, and tests etc. Then if you stay have the entire record transferred to him/her.

    I wish you well,

  4. gracie97

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    Not all insurance will let you do this, but if yours will, why not?

    You don't have to tell either about the other if you don't transfer records (which you shouldn't do anyhow -- always get your records, read them, and then just pass on the information you want, e.g. test results, to the new doctor you're trying out).

    I have one primary care doctor who is just awful but does allot me a dozen vicodin a month (the only narcotic I get and badly needed). Unknownst to her, I've tried 3 other PCP in the last 18 months.

    Problem is if one needs narcotic painkillers, often it takes a long relationship with a doctor to get them, and I haven't yet found a satisfactory new PCP worth committing to. So I keep stringing along Dr. Awful, seeing her once every six months or so with some little task (last time I had her remove a skin tag...).

  5. tjlibby

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    First we are retied military, my GP and Rheumy transfered at the same time. I am nervous to see new docs.
    Are they going to listen? Are they going to try to change my meds? I have a rheumy appt next week...Teri
  6. klutzo

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    That is what I am doing with my new holistic doc. He will fill my drug prescriptions, but requires an office visit EVERY time you fill a controlled substance. Since I have been on Xanax for 17 yrs. and never raised the dose, I think that is ridiculous, esp. since my hubby has to take half a day off without pay to drive me to his office. I fill my Xanax once per month.
    So, I still have a conventional doc who is only 2 miles from my house so I can drive there. She has no idea I am taking Armour Thyroid or DHEA or any other stuff like that. I do not like this situation and feel it could be dnagerous in the long run, and am negotiating with my new doc to make an exception to his rule for me, so I can drop the conventional doc.
    We badly need more doctors who practice Integrative medicine, instead of chosing sides and rejecting all of the other type of medicine.