Is anyone else dealing with crazy scary storms this year?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by EricaCFIDS, Jan 25, 2008.

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    We live in California, not a place you would expect to have these kinds of storms! We live east of Sacramento in the Sierra foothills, about an hour or so from Lake Tahoe. Well, a few weeks ago we had a "50 year storm"! (that's what they are calling it) The wind gusts topped 100+ mph in our area and went over 160 mph at the tops of the mountains. We got something like 10" of rain as well. It was a storm that should have been named! I was home with my kids and pinecones, tree branches and basic debris were hitting the windows at a sideways angle. It was unreal! The 120 foot plus tall pine trees were swaying in the wind like dandelions and banging into each other. It was so frightening!

    Then we lost the electricity. The next thing I know, my daughter yells "MOM!! a pine tree went down!!!" I can't tell you the thoughts and images going through my head. It was a borderline panic moment!! I ran and looked out the window and it missed our house by 15-20 feet! It missed our propane tank by about 3 feet. It was over 100 feet long and if my husband had been home, it would have taken out his truck. We didn't even hear if fall because the winds were howling so loud. Our power stayed off for 6 straight days, yes, 6 straight days!! It never got above 40 degrees outside and I thought I was going to lose my mind.....

    Well, fast forward to today, and here we go again! It's not quite as bad as the last one, but they are predicting wind gusts at 50+ mph. I worry that the trees are loosened by the last storm and could fall. My nerves are fried! We have someone ready to remove some trees near our house, but they can't until it dries out. That won't be anytime soon. ( : Our house sits on a little bluff and has lots of windows and skylights, so I feel like I'm on a boat when I look up and see the trees swaying! Argh!!

    Does anyone else have storms like this? The mountains already got over 10 feet of snow from the last storm, and now they are predicting another 4 to 6 feet from this storm! I sure don't see any evidence of global warming in this part of the world!

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    I remember bad storms like this here in the 70's. I'm glad we're getting lots of rain and such a big snow pack. This is good news for us. That tree almost landing on your house sounds scary! I'm glad you're ok and hope you still are.

    We're getting lots of rain today but I haven't seen much wind like the one weeks ago.

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    When I lived in N. Carolina, this scenario was associated with hurricanes coming onto land. The rains would saturate the ground and the wind would take down the pine trees. I learned to take down every pine tree on my property whenever we built a house. I remember one of the storms in Wilmington, NC that only had 70 MPH winds and blew down one pine tree after another on my neighbors lots. We were sitting by a window and watching the trees blow over. It is unnerving. Pine trees, rain, and strong winds just don't go well together.
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    Hi everyone and thanks for your stories,

    I guess another storm is building and ready to come in here. More winds and gusts tomorrow! At least my husband will be home with us. You'd never know it by today! It was almost 60 degrees and the sun came out. It was soooooo nice! ( : I used to love storms until we moved up here, but mainly it's the trees that scare me, and the lightning sometimes. I am definitely not a tree hater, but the big ones near the house are gonna go! We plan to plant a deciduous tree to replace each one we take out. I love gardening and planting and I can't wait to get rid of these huge messy pine trees. Honestly, when we first moved here everyone kept saying "just WAIT until the pine needles fall....". I thought that was very strange and THEN it happened. WOW! It was like it snowed pine needles. We didn't know how to keep up with them, and before we knew it, you couldn't tell where the grass was vs. the driveway! It's hard to describe unless you've seen it, but it's really that bad.

    I know those storms in Sacramento you mentioned ovrwhelm. My husband works in Sacramento and I joke that he works in "tornado alley" because they've had a few touch down near his work! In Sacramento!! We have had the craziest and most unbelievable spring storms the last few years. I bet you were here after that. How scary that was that you described on the freeway.....

    Hi my Leo buddy jaminhealth! I can't even fathom having a tornado warning where you live! You must have been shocked. I was shocked at our weather a few weeks ago. It made me feel so vulnerable and you feel like you have no where to go! Thank you for your kind words. We're all okay, but I bet my kids will remember that day forever! It was incredible for me, so I can only imagine the impression it made on them. I'm just so glad we are safe.

    P.S. We heard on the news that yesterday San Francisco got all time record rainfall (ever recorded!) Wow!

    All the best,