Is anyone else here pregnant?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dovely, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. Dovely

    Dovely New Member


    I'm 25 weeks pregnant with my first child and also have ME/CFS, I would love to chat to anyone else in the same boat.

    My email is

  2. allhart

    allhart New Member

    im 20 weeks preg with number 5 ,6th in the house
    do you know what your having yet?
    we are having a boy and we are totally lost trying to find a name,
    so will have 3 boys and 3 girls just like the brady bunch!
    my email is on my profile ill try and write you later

  3. nina

    nina New Member

    I am 33 and 20 weeks pregnant with my 1st. I have had my symptoms for 11 months so the timing is not great. Like everyone else, I just take it day by day!
  4. Madelyn

    Madelyn New Member

    Your post made me curious. I looked up your profile and we have a lot in common! We are the Brady Bunch too. 3 boys and three girls. I'm ten years older than you, though. I'm not pregnant now, but I can relate. I went through at least two of my pregnancies with CFIDS. One was awful, one was great. Go figure!
    I hope you and the other ladies too have a problem free pregnancy!
  5. Dovely

    Dovely New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Glad to see there are a few of us here!, will email in the next day or so.

    ALLHART I found out i'm having a boy :) which is really lovely!, I can't imagine how you cope with 5 kids and one on the way, they must be great kids :) .

  6. allhart

    allhart New Member

    it actually gets easier with the more you have they love to help with the baby,
    so by now you can may be able to feel the baby kicking,isnt that the most incrediable thing?
    have you picked a name yet we are totally lost at naming this one,i want something unusall and theres not many unuaall boy names

    madelyn did you think it was easier with more then one or two?

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  7. Dovely

    Dovely New Member

    Hi Kara,

    Thats great the kids pitch in and help with a new baby!, I started feeling my baby kick at 12 weeks, then he took a break until 15 weeks and hasnt shut up since lol, I have absolutely no stomach muscles so maybe thats why I could feel him so early?, and yes its a wonderful feeling.

    We have chosen the names Logan Rayne for him, only just decided on them in the last 2 weeks, I thought he was going to be a nameless baby for a while!, its so hard picking names isnt it?, especially for boys I found...I also like unusual names.

    Good luck with picking one :)

  8. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    I'm not pregnant now, but I was not long ago ;)
    I gave birth to my fourth child only 5 weeks ago.
    I have had these dd's since I was about 11 years old, so I have gone through all my pregnancies with them :(
    Feel free to e-mail me -

  9. allhart

    allhart New Member

    im so glad to hear from you!
    congrats on the baby!
  10. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    I did post about the arrival of our little guy, but you know how fast the board moves. It probably got lost pretty quick ;)
    I did get quite a few congrats here & it was nice. I didn't know so many people were looking out for me :)
    Hope that you are well & that your pregnancy is going well!


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  11. severina

    severina New Member

    I have fibro and my new baby son, Logan,is 3 months old.
    I am finding things pretty rough at the moment, and rather
    than go into my pregnancy stories all over again, anyone
    interested can read my other posts on the subject!
    I wish there were so many of you pregnant when I was, it
    would have been a great help.
    Good luck to you all,and stay positive.
  12. onesmileymyley

    onesmileymyley New Member

    HI I two am expecting. I am 23 weeks and having a little girl. We are naming her Ireland Adel. We have 4 boy's and 1 girl so my daughter is happy that she is going to have a sister. I have found this pregnancy to be so much harder then the other one's but I also had to have a c-section with my last so I am sure that is why I have so much more discomfort. I have a few suggestions on boy's names. Seth, Myls, Tate, and Hesakyia
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  13. onesmileymyley

    onesmileymyley New Member

  14. Dovely

    Dovely New Member

    Wow Lease79 that's a lot of pregnancies to go through with M.E./CFS, that gives me a bit of hope for the future! :)).
    I would love to have one more after this one and am hoping my body will agree with me but I guess we will wait and see.

    Severina what a great choice of name you have there for your son ;-) sorry to hear you are going through a rough time at present, it's very frustrating isn't it!.
    Has your baby settled into a good routine for you?, I hope so.


    Congrats on your pregnancy also, your not much behind me either, the name you picked for your daughter is lovely, we have decided on Logan Rayne for our little boy.

  15. Karrot

    Karrot New Member

    I am currently 24 weeks pregnant also with a little boy. We are thrilled.

    I didn't realize there were so many others on this board who were pregnant. It also seems like there are a lot of boys going around!

    Isn't second trimester lovely?