is anyone else tired of feeling like crap?!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Theresa1959, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. Theresa1959

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    It seems like there are more "bad days" than good recently........i've been dx for 3+ years and still have the hardest time when the "big bad" comes.....i just can't figure out how to overcome it. it used to last only a few days, but recently has manifested itself much longer....i hate this, my family should not have to put up with this, it's bad enough for me to try to figure out how to deal. in a bit of a slump right now, i guess we all go through these times. thanks for listening. theresa
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    I know how you feel. We have to all stick together and comfort one another, as only we know "really" how we feel. If you need a friend, we are here for you!

    When you have these flares, what kind of pain do you have?
  3. poppy34

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    hi iam poppy i no how you feel i felt like crap all week. ive had fibro 2years i keep thinking iwill get better but i dont no family takes care of me. ive been in bed all week with a swelled knee. my 10 year old will say mom is having a bad day because for supper were having leftovers. if iam having a good day she will say mom is happy today which isnt much latley.i feel so bad . but im sick .this has been a hard winter here, any time you want to talk write me . i understand what your going through . we all do . bye poppy winter here if you need to talk just write me good luck poppy
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    Going on 3 years straight on Feb 28, when I was rear-ended. I have suffered severe chronic pain and exhaustion, while fighting legal battles, etc.....

    Tomorrow it will be 3 years. The only improvement is I won SSD, and I don't suffer from nausea anymore. And, I have med's for all my symptoms.

    PS - how to deal...when in doubt...SLEEP[This Message was Edited on 02/27/2003]
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    I get really tired of feeling like this, but when I do, I remind myself that I don't have Aids, or cancer, or asthma, or diabetes, or MS, or mental illness, and a host of other horrible things. Then I feel better and count my blessings!

    Marilyn :)
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    Just yesterday I was feeling better but it only lasted a day! I'm with does seem like there are more bad than good ones for me lately too...maybe it's the weather. How the hell can you keep doing what's good for you when you just don't have the energy or it anymore???? But I keep telling myself it will pass and it does every now and then when I'm blessed with a day or two of clear headedness and that's when do what I love best...expressing myself in writing...I highly recommend it to everyone. In fact my pain inspired me to write a poem called "Pain, Pain go away" - now I need to write one called "Tired of SSDD" (same sh-t different day)!!

    So don't feel bad about being the the dumps...there's a lot of hands here to pull you out. Thank God for the comfort we get from you all who are so supportive when no one else is!!

    Hugs & Blessings to you all
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