Is anyone else VERY overweight due to CFIDS/FM?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hidlyn, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. hidlyn

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    I'm asking because I'm not sure any doctor is convinced my weight gain was due first to a undiagnosed hypothyroid (took 2 years to diagnose and then only at my request) and then the onset of CFIDS and FM. I made rapid leaps of 20 pounds a month without eating differently. I have had a predisposition to gaining weight since I was a teen, but the most was 20-30 pounds that I could easily exercise off and watch what I ate. At 26 my metabolism shouldn't "naturally" have been affected enough to cause that kind of weight gain. True, these diseases, illnesses, conditions, whatever you call them, leave one stuck in bed or on the couch a lot, but at the time my weight was climbing I was still forcing myself to work and drive 5 hours a couple weekends a month to visit my boyfriend (now husband). I wouldn't say the my activity level had decreased at all, yet this weight just packed on and was impossible to get off. For me I need total dedication and commitment to a program meaning I need low stress, lots of energy for planning meals and changing my grocery list, and the ability to exercise without being laid up on the couch for weeks even with mild exertion. I have yet to be able to take my children for a stroller ride without paying big time for it. I know there is no miracle cure for this weight gain, but I know it's not your typical "natural" weight gain either. We're talking 100 pounds over my ideal weight at this point. It's stayed steady since I was 29-30 where it leveled off. I was 26 when symptoms hit. I'm 35 now. I just am so very depressed that I'll never be able to get it off and I'll forever be this puffy woman who lies around on the couch. I feel like someone put a fat suit on me and I can't get it off. I don't know where I went. I hope someone else out there has the same feelings. I really need someone to talk to about it who's been through it or going through it now.

    Thanks for listening.

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    and it's just awful. I love the fat suit. What an image that gives me. It makes me think of this large woman who was a character on NYPD Blue. She wore this rubber lingerie because she thought it was sexy. Cracked me up!

    I've gained about 60 pounds in the last two years. Before that, I'd lost 20, so I could shop in normal sizes by the time I hit 50. I think of XL as normal these days. But, like I say, it's been a couple of years since then. I loaded up on smaller clothes, then donated all my fat clothes to charity. I've been buying sloppy big clothes ever since and there isn't much about them that makes you feel good.

    I've started with the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center in Seattle and on my second visit last week, I got the results of my blood work. The details are posted on another post, if you want to look, but the condensed version is that my diet is terrible and I'm pre-diabetic, immunoglobin and other infection fighting agents are about depleted, as are thyroid and 4 other hormones. I'm really hoping to start losing as soon as the supplements kick in.

    I was on ediets the year I lost 20 pounds and it was so frustrating because all the other women I chatted with and became close to kept losing weight and I stayed the same after sticking to Atkins religiously for 6 months. I finally just gave up and on came the 60.

    I'm sorry you started this at 26. That's the age where you're still supposed to be able to power off about 20 pounds in a few weeks--at least I could.

    Anyway, I'm up for mutual support on this goal. My son starts kindergarden next year and everyone is already going to think I'm his grandma. I don't want them to think of me as his FAT grandma.

    I showed my husband your kids and he got all mushy about babies. After we had Ian when I was 47, he kept talking about another one. No way! One sweet boy is all I can handle! Your 3 are so adorable!

  3. abbylee

    abbylee New Member

    The only time I gained weight was when I was given elavil years ago, and I gained 40 lbs or so in 2 months. I changed drugs and lost the weight. Thank goodness it's never come back!!

    If anything, I could stand to gain 10 lbs or so.

  4. hidlyn

    hidlyn New Member

    Thanks for your post. Is there a way to private message people on this message board. I don't know my way around this one very well. If I can find a way to privately give you my e-mail I'd be happy to.

    Hope to talk to you soon and I REALLY hope those supplements work!!

    Take care.

  5. pepper

    pepper New Member

    over the last few years. No diet will take it off. My CFS dr. told me last week that it is because my liver is so toxic. He wants me to check into the infrared sauna and magnetic mattress pads which have helped some of his patients.

    I am going to call a woman tomorrow who used those two things (and I am not sure what else) to get her daughter well enough to go to university after being mostly bedbound for 11 yrs.

    I did not know that a toxic liver could cause weight problems but it seems like a reasonable explanation to me.

  6. hidlyn

    hidlyn New Member

  7. vp

    vp New Member

    I hate it worse than every other part of this dd all put together. I WAS at about 135, and wore size 4 or 6. WAS in good physical condition, I had a very physically demanding factory job, actually I was the only woman that operated the type of machine I did. I also used to dance 4 nights a week.

    Then, this dd hit like a ton of bricks March 2004. Within 6 months I had gained 60 lbs. Alot of it coming at about 5 pounds a week. Inching toward that 200 pound mark really freaked me out.

    I was always at or under my "ideal weight", actually in my teens and early twenties my nackname was "skelator" because I ate anything in sight I wanted and never gained a pound. (Yep....I was the one everyone hated)

    Right now I am at about 185, and in a size 16. I have used the "Fat suit" description myself. I just can't move, there's always STUFF in the way. I'm just not comfortable in my own skin anymore.

    I keep hoping it will go away as fast as it came. I get my tonsils out in 4 days, maybe that will help. I doubt it though, I barely eat as it is. less than 1000 calories a day.

    Good luck to ya,
    If I find anything that works, I'll be sure to post it.

  8. hidlyn

    hidlyn New Member

    Thank you for sharing all of that. That's a lot to go through. I'm not sure about eating raw food either, but I'll look into it. I have so much to do with my triplets that completely changing my cooking may be next to impossible. Maybe this just isn't the time for me to worry about it, but it's so frustrating for me. I keep thinking that maybe it will be better when my children go off to Kindergarten and I can spend the day taking care of myself better. They're of course, so demanding of all my time and energy right now that it's hard to do anything else. I hope things can look up for us all someday.

    Thanks again.

  9. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    I think if we get together and chat, as opposed to message board, we can choose a "room" that doesn't have a crowd in it and exchange addresses. I'm in Seattle and you're in Maryland, so you tell me a good time for you. You win the busy mom contest, hands down! I'm usually up from 3 or 4 AM on (pacific time) and near the computer because I work from home. So, just let me know a time--tomorrow or whenever. It sounds like we're in good company here! I'll check back to see when is good for you. I'm glad you were brave enough to post about the F word in the first place!

  10. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    I'm really curious about this treatment for liver cleansing. Have you used Milk Thistle at all? I've heard that works wonders for some people. My brother has hepatitis C and I'd love to tell him about the treatment you describe, if you think it's valid. Please post when you find out.

    Thanks a lot!

  11. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    I knew we had a lot in common! How long have you been on the raw foods diet? Since before starting at FFC? Those pounds will probably fly off once all the numbers on the blood tests improve. Sign me up! I would like to know about what you eat. I'll check out Stormy's posts too.

    When I think back on when I started really gaining weight in the first place, it coincided with major stress. That's probably when my system shut down and forgot how to do its job. Everything was probably in fight or flight mode and the daily stuff like digesting food and taking care of myself just fell to the wayside. That was when I was about 29. I think I spent the next 2 decades being buffeted from bad to worse and back again in stressful situations.

    I would love to lose the fat. My skin will probably need daily ironing, but maybe I can get away with tucking it in my waistband.

    I'll forward your e address to Heidi after we connect.

    You're always helpful in many ways!

  12. mymissy

    mymissy New Member

    I was always active & at my ideal weight till my back surgery. After that it was down hill. I've always had an underactive thyroid and have been on meds for close to 30 years now. About 3 years ago my levels went way the other way and I almost had a nervous breakdown. The only upside to that was that I was overactive for awhile and lost major weight. Once that was back under control a tumor was found on one of my ovaries. After the surgery I had a BAD infection that took about 6 months to heal. That is when I feel the Fibro kicked in big time. Since then the Doc's have found that I have severe nerve damage and neuroapthy. Also have severe RLS. My eating habits haven't changed but the rest of my life sure has. Can't do what I once could and don't have the energy if I wanted to. Arthritis is working on my joints as well, so where does that leave a person?

    My family Dr. who I only go do when I have the flu. ( he doesn't beleive in Fibro) told me not long ago if I would just lose 100lbs that would cure all my problems. This coming from a person who has never has a weight issue in his life. I looked at him like I could kill. He asked if I wanted him to send me to another Dr. I said I go to a Rheumatologist, Neurologist, Orthopedic Surgeon, & a Endocrologist now, who else is there?

    Between my thyroid, hormones, arthritis, fibro, cfs, rls, and everything else I thank god I get up every day!!!
    There are always people in this world in worse shape than me.

    It felt so good to write this and get it off my chest so to speak.

  13. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    I wish I could spirit you back to the peaceful woods. From your description of the forest and the puffy snow, it sounds like you love it and should be there. My cousins always used to go to a cabin near Truckee every Christmas for a week or two. The whole family--it sounded like the best escape ever.

    My gosh, you have been dealing with this pain for ages. Is your back still in pain from the original car accident in 1980? Has arthritis set in? I bet the different weather in Illinois is hard on you. What a wearing thing pain is. I've only had severe pain this past summer and I can't stand it.

    The weight thing is very depressing. After awhile of being unable to go out in the world hardly at all, you just kind of give up. But that is going to stop for me right about now! I want to feel better, lose weight and participate in life again. I want to fix my garden, which has been neglected for two years now (back/sciatic nerve issues all last year from arthritis.) I feel the same way about my jam-packed flower garden that you feel for your wooded place in Tahoe.

    I thought about going to Curves, but I haven't been well enough in ages to even go grocery shopping, so I think it would be a big waste of money.

    I'd be happy being able to go to a garage sale!

    Take care!

  14. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    You made me have a flashback! I remember dancing 4 nights a week. I loved that! Then getting up and working 10 or 12 hours and going dancing again! I think my favorite age ever was 27. I had that old world by the tail. It just makes me want to cry when I read the posts by young people in their teens and twenties suffering from more than anyone should have to bear.

    I hope the surgery to remove your tonsils goes well. Please keep us posted. Make those nurses bring you a fruit smoothie, not a milkshake. I hope you have all fat nurses!

    Let's all keep in touch about this. It's great to picture you guys in my mind--and myself--we're all tall and willowy! Oh, and beautiful. That reminds me of a funny story. I met my husband on the internet. We wrote back and forth for a few weeks and he finally asked me what I looked like. Being around 190 pounds at the time, I was a little touchy and got kind of mad. I told him I'll look however he wants me to look until we meet, then I'll look how I am. I should have known then he wasn't normal, since he didn't just hit the road!

    Take care and let us know about how your recovery is going.

  15. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    Isn't it odd that the bigger you get, the more invisible you become? I've started wearing really bright clothes so I won't disappear entirely. When I was thin, I wore a lot of black. Haven't thought of that for years.

    What a mess that must have been with your thyroid being so unstable. Losing weight is good, but not if it takes your mind with it. You're doing ok now with that? I've been telling doctors for 25 years that I thought there was something wrong with my thyroid levels. They always just ran a regular panel and told me it was depression. Not one of them ever considered looking at T3. Now I've started on it and will hope for energy and a zippier metabolism.

    I can relate to your icky doctor telling you to lose 100 pounds and you'll be cured. My mother-in-law took care of my son a few weeks ago for a day. The next morning Ian was in the kitchen with me and he told me that once I lose my weight, I'll be just fine. Grrr. I thought about gaining a few more pounds then falling on my skinny little MIL, but I just loaned her a book about fm. It's just not worth the energy to tell her off.

    I like this club already!

    Take care!

  16. I am like you keep gaining and eating less and less. I just wish someone could figure it out, I swear my thyroid is haywire, but they say no it's normal.
  17. vp

    vp New Member


    Francie, went back and looked but didn't want to lose my post.

    Fruit smoothie sounds good now. Actually they don't recommend ice cream or anything with milk in it anymore. DARN

    I think I will be lucky to get ice chips down since pain meds have never worked for me. I have never been able to be put under either. One try for a broken arm when I was 12, and minor female type surgery when I was 27.
    The hosp. knows this and I hope for the best Very nervous though!

    (Maybe having anesthisia (completely relaxed), and getting my tonsills out will somehow put me into complete and permanent remission from this dd.)

    Doesn't hurt to be optomistic! LOL OOOPS I mean unrealistic.


    My thyroid tested fine too, DARN I'm tired of getting normal test results. Sounds horrible, but just once I'd like to have something that is recognized, and can be fixed.
    Even my tonsills are a stab in the dark at fixing my 3 month long sore throat. They've always been large, so it's probably a good idea, but not necessarily the only problem. UGHHH.
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  18. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I have about 83 pounds to go to get to the weight I was when I first got FMS. I had to quit exercising and gained about 93 + pounds. This was in 10 years of FMS.

    I also have diabetes and am on insulin and that makes dieting even harder.

    I'm trying to lose weight.

    I've been having problems with pins and needles in my hands today, yet my blood sugar has been good all evening. Prior to that had itching on my foot and ankle and usually I get that when my sugars go high, but I was only 110 at the time and I have checked it 2 times since. The last time was 144. I ate an apple watching TV.

    Anyway, I would really like to drop about 50 pounds at least.

  19. hidlyn

    hidlyn New Member

  20. hidlyn

    hidlyn New Member

    Is talking about being overweight a "bad" thing on here? I vaguely remember someone saying that the "weight" isssue was a sensitive topic here and then someone called me "brave" for bringing up the "f" word. I just wanted to be aware of any trigger issues on the message board. Don't need to set anyone off here.



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