is anyone else worried about christmas????

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sixtyslady, Dec 18, 2006.

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    I know this sounds stupid ,but when I have to be somehwere,like at our daughters for xmas eve I worry that I"ll not feel good enough to go,I just hate it,but my family doesn:t understand how much pain I"m in and I don"t want to act like a baby,but by the time I ride for a hour to my daughters house I'll be in pain,and then the noise really bothers me,and I don"t dare say anything because last year they all got mad at me because I put cotton in my ears because the kids get so excited and make so much noise,I didn"t say anything I just went in the bath room and put the cotton in my ears ,but my son_in-law notice it
    and started something about it.
    they think I do it for attention,I"m already concerned about it.
    it was my oldest daughters husband and she has only been to our house twice in the last year,so I feel very uncomfortable around them anyhow.
    maybe if I"m just real quiet and stay in the background people will just leave me alone.
    Her hubby owes us alot of money and never attempts to pay any of it back,so I think thats why he,s so rude to me and my husband and then my oldest daughter tries to play her real Dad, against me and my hubby,but it just doesn"t work with us.
    I just won"t let myself get in their games.

    funny how you can try so hard to be there for your kids and then they turn out to be such pains.

    Now our other 2 daughters are not like that,but the oldest one is always trying to get them to join in her games.

    well anyhow I hope everyone has a good christmas. sixtyslady
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    Yes, I am sure there are many who echo your sentiments. Myself included!

    I don't think it is as much about the holidays themselves, but the expectations from others and ourselves. Use the earplugs and whatever you need. Ignore them. Plain ignore them. If they don't get a reaction, maybe they'll turn elsewhere. You are not there to provide entertainment.

    Do you feel, you have to go to her home. I know she's your child, but, she seems to be self involved. She only has seen you twice this year. They owe you loads of money. Hmmm, I think I would making myself scarce. They obviously don't appreciate what a good parent you have been.

    Whew... I just finished being talked to, like trash, from our 19 y/o son who was in the accident. He is alive, only by God's Grace. While I understand depression, because I am certainly feeling it now, he needs to straighten his butt up. Either that or he can figure out how to support himself while not working. Along with getting to all of the meetings and doctor's appointments he has coming up. Especially difficult when his license has been taken away.

    Life isn't worth putting up with everyone elses problems, who don't give a darn about ours. Those who are not respectful of us. Family or not.

    I hope you find a way to make this a special, and relaxed, Christmas..


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    my youngest daughter,told me I have to be in the christmas spirit,because it affects the whole family,well last year I was,and I was attacked by my son-in-law.and he must have kept it up during the year,because my other 2 daughters said they just don't want to be around him.
    we didn"t go to Easter Dinner,I was just so sick I could"t take it.
    I wished I could shake this feeling off,but I just have a really hard time around the holidays,because we"ve lost so many love ones in the last 5yrs.
    A friend told me never loan money to relatives,if you need to get it back.Its just that its made them so hateful toward us because of their guilt.
    Its such alarge amount my husband says its comming out of their share of inheirtance,because its not fair to our other kids.
    and I guess hes right. well enough about me .
    I will go and give the grandkids their gifts, and then come home. my hubby said this morning why should a son-In-law ruin everybody elses xmas.
    its his problem and I guess he can learn to deal with it.
    have s good one, sixtyslady